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UAV Awareness Course for Emergency Services
Published:  21 February, 2017

Promotion: The one-day workshop on the use of drones for emergency response will take place on April 6, 2017 book your place now.

The workshop will enable emergency services, SAR and USAR personnel to familiarise themselves with the types of UAVS available for major incident response and search and rescue operations.

The course will teach response professionals to appropriately procure this type of equipment and achieve the best value for their organisation.

The workshop, which is being organised by Skybound Rescue and Professional Rescue, will take place at Popham Airfield, Hampshire, south England. It will be delivered by world-renowned UAV designer Gemma Alcock and acclaimed SAR technical adviser David Lane.

At the end of the seminar students will know:

• How to prepare an appropriate UAV procurement strategy.

• Which types of UAVS are available on the market

• Key elements to be considered before purchase or lease (airframe, payload, power type, post processing software etc.)

• How to select the appropriate UAV for the operator’s specific requirements

• What type of support equipment needs to be purchased.

• What questions to ask manufacturers before purchase or lease.

• What the correct training requirements for UAVs are.

• What the relevant CAA safety regulations are.

• What the considerations for public accountability are.

The course is aimed at firefighters, police, search and rescue, and flood rescue professionals. Attendees will gain seven hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) from the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE).

The course fee is GBP £341.15, but IFE members can take advantage of a GBP £36.72 discount by emailing Gemma Alcock where they should cite their IFE membership number to receive the discounted ticket link.

To sign up, click here.