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Detector manufacturer issues safety alert
Published:  15 February, 2017

Fire alarm from wireless smoke and smoke/thermal detectors may fail to be communicated.

The affected detectors are FM-approved and consist of two wireless photoelectric smoke detectors branded Notifier and Fire-Lite and one Fire-Lite-branded wireless photoelectric smoke/thermal detector.

According to FM these detectors may not communicate a fire alarm condition if certain environmental factors are present at an installation site

To resolve the issue a firmware update is required on the FWSG (Notifier) or W-GATE (Fire-Lite) wireless gateway modules, which are part of the SWIFT wireless system.

SWIFT, or Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology, is a commercial wireless system that uses robust mesh network that integrates with intelligent fire systems.

The update is required on all gateways manufactured between October 13, 2014 and December 15, 2016.

Affected organisations should contact their local Notifier or Fire-Lite distributor for a downloadable firmware upgrade.

The alert was originally issued by Notifier by Honeywell on 30 December and disseminated by FM Approvals in January.

The downloadable firmware should have been available since mid January, but this has not been confirmed by Notifier by Honeywell.

The company has declined to comment.