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Maritime Safety and Security Centre Cuxhaven
Published:  13 February, 2017
Cuxhaven new centre

Germany’s new maritime safety and security centre is officially opened.

The EUR23.5-million Maritime Safety and Security Centre Cuxhaven was officially inaugurated last week (9 February) by the Minister of Federal Transport and Digital Infrastructure Alexander Dobrindt.

The new centre is located on the premises of the Cuxhaven Waterways and Shipping Office; Cuxhaven is situated on the shore of the North Sea at the mouth of the Elbe River in Lower Saxony, around 80km northwest of Hamburg.

The new centre houses around 100 staff from the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration; the Federal Police; the Federal Customs Administration; the Fishery Protection Agency; the Waterways Police of the five federal coastal states; the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies; and the German Navy.

The different specialist capabilities of each agency are pooled in the Joint Emergency Reporting and Assessment Centre, the operational core that is charged with the safety of the entire German coast and all water access routes.

The new centre includes a EUR5.5-million IP-based communications solution that operates on commercial off-the-shelf hardware. The Asgard system, supplied by technical prime contractor Frequentis and verified by the Federal Office for Information Security, enables the secure exchange of information between maritime and public safety agencies.