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Magirus upgrades rescue cage for turntable ladder range
Published:  25 January, 2017

Magirus has increased the payload of its rescue cage up to 400 kg. The new RC400-C model (C = Compact) holds up to four people and is available for all standard and articulated turntable ladders with a working height of up to 42 m.

The development extends the range of rescue cages to a total of five - the RC300, RC400-C, RC400, RC500 and the RC500-H. They are all based on three different base bodies so that every user has the right rescue cage for the respective local situation or operational tactics.

The RC400-C’s compact design and low lateral overhang have been designed to access narrow roof structures often found in inner cities, so the RC400-C enables fast and direct access to confined entry points.

The RC400-C has many uses, even at an extreme extension. Its control stand is located in the middle of the cage for the best possible all-round view. Operational conditions rarely enable ladders to be extended at the angles required exactly by the operator. Therefore Magirus has integrated an entry which is practically accessible on the corner of the cage, as well as foldaway side doors and handrails. All these measures enable safe access – even with breathing apparatus. Corner entries also make it easier for rescued people to enter the cage.

The new RC400-C has been anchored to the cage floor, which prevents objects, such as tools or personal equipment, from falling out. Both lateral multi-function pillars can be used independently, while cage accessories such as the newly-developed RS270 universal support for stretchers and basket stretchers can be attached either on the left or right of the pillars.

It is suitable for all common stretchers and basket stretchers and can be used in a variety of situations.The RS270 can also be rotated by 360° on both sides of the rescue cage, as such the holder is always optimally located in relation to the facade, even in difficult extension positions. The side and front overhangs of the stretchers over the cage frame ensure absolutely safe patient transfer for easy and safe rescue.

With the RC400-C, the water hoses have been placed outside the cage on the side and they benefit from a water flow of up to 2,500 lpm. The plug-in water monitor can be manually or electrically controlled.

The RC400-C can also be removed by two people in less than two minutes, in order to equip the ladder with other mission-critical attachments such as the RL500 Magirus Rescue Loader or the Viagara water monitor.

In addition, a wide selection of accessories, specially designed for rescue cages, is available for the RC400-C. These include the RS270 universal support for stretchers and basket stretchers as well as a system for flexible self-protection in the cage or the Magirus Safety Peak - an additional anchor point for protection and rescue of up to two people, which can be attached to both sides of the rescue cage.