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Falck to open new training and research centre in 2018
Published:  24 January, 2017

Falck will be opening its new training centre on the Maasvlakte in 2018. The facilities are set to be transformed into an international, knowledge centre for public and industrial fire brigades, the offshore, maritime sector and wind industry.

The first steps were taken 24 January 2017 - with Falck and the Port of Rotterdam Authority entering into a contract under which the site is issued to Falck.

Falck, which specialises in safety and safety training, is set to leave its current site on the Beerweg when its lease with the Port of Rotterdam Authority ends in the spring of 2018. Falck has the full cooperation of the Port of Rotterdam Authority (the organisation responsible for managing and operating the port area for the move.

Back in 1985, a large training centre for the fire brigade, industry, offshore and the maritime industry was set up just several kilometres from the company's current site, the result of a partnership between the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Smit Internationale and the Dutch Security Services (Nederlandse Veiligheidsdienst). The most important objective of the safety centre, which was operated under the names Risc and Nutec at that time, was to create a safe residential and working environment at the port of Rotterdam. The contract signed today marks the continuation of the original partnership. The new site is situated several hundred metres to the east of the existing training centre.

Joost Eenhuizen, business manager maritime industry and offshore at the Port of Rotterdam sees Falck as an important business for the Rotterdam port area. ‘Falck contributes to safety in the port with its knowledge and expertise in this area. We wish to achieve a high safety standard as a port operator. We are delighted that Falck has been operating for so long in the Maasvlakte helping businesses in the port with its high-quality services to prepare as effectively as possible for incident management.’

The new site in 2018 will involve far more than just the relocation of activities for Falck. There are two principles underlying the development of the new site: the achievement of an interactive and realistic experience and bringing together knowledge and practice. The new centre, which will cover a hectare more ground than the current site, will be designed and built in accordance with the very latest standards for technology, the environment, occupational hygiene and safety and training technologies (virtual reality environments for incident control and crisis management, for example). The new site will also feature a field lab, for research and practical experiments. The functional wishes and needs of both national and international clients are the guiding principle on which the design for the training facilities is based.

The new training and research centre will be ready in the spring of 2018.