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Emergency Management Airport Summit launched in Singapore
Published:  24 January, 2017

The Emergency Management for Airports Summit 2017 will take place from 28-31 March 2017 in Singapore. Hemmingfire readers are eligible to a 10% discount when signing up for this event.

Different types of emergencies occur in airports which severely disrupts airport operations and impact millions of lives working or travelling within the airport. An increased scrutiny around Safety and Operational efficiency in airports, coupled with a seemingly increasing number of airport emergencies over the last 12 months globally have seen an escalating focus around the world of emergency management and crisis management in airports.

Part of Equip Global’s global Airport Summit Series, this four-day conference with workshops provides an opportunity for emergency management and operations leaders across airports and aviation authorities to share insights and hear case studies on strategies in the development of effective airport emergency response system for both flight and non-flight related cases.

People can sign up for a set of separate workshops.

To get a copy of the conference brochure, please email Lukas Tan. Hemmingfire readers please quote Hemmingfire2017 when contacting the organisation for 10% discount.