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Published:  17 January, 2017

AUXQUIMIA is a Spanish company whose main activity is the design, manufacture and commercialization of firefighting foam concentrates. We currently design mainly synthetic based foam concentrates such as AFFF, AFFF-AR, Multiexpansion, Multiexpansion Alcohol Resistant, CLASS A for CAF systems, Fluorine Free for Class B fires (3F), etc.

AUXQUIMIA is, throughout its experience over 30 years in the market and its strong commitment with the innovation and research of new solutions, the leader in the production and commercialization in the domestic market of foam concentrates. The premium quality of its products, along with a large capacity of production, allow it to be a regular supplier to major companies in many industries such as petrochemical, chemical, naval, aeronautical, energy, automotive and mining.

During the ongoing process of changes in standards coming from environmental concerns, AUXQUIMIA has been able to adapt its products to new regulations with top performance products, which is critical for industries like oil & gas and petrochemical which require difficult tests as LASTFIRE batch testing in which only premium products are able to get maximum qualifications, especially when testing with sea water becomes necessary.

Our range of fluorine-free foam Unipol FF™ has been evolving through the years to cover most industrial and civil applications. In 2011 it achieved Class I compliance according to EN-1568-3, in 2012 it received Lastfire certification and in 2014 was given UL listing. In 2015 Unipol FF™ achieved UL 162 listing (Standard for foam equipment and liquid concentrates) with polar solvents, an extraordinary achievement given that all other fluorine-free foams have only been listed with hydrocarbon fuels.

Furthermore, sprinkler tests based on the same protocol were also carried out with the challenging polar solvents acetone, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, and the results again showed very good extinguishing times.

Furthermore AUXQUIMIA has started years ago to develop all their formulations with “C6 fluorocompounds” fulfilling the 2010/2015 EPA PFOA Stewardship Program, in the aim of achieving top-performing products with them minimum environmental impact.

In 2016, the North American Division of the ICL group was awarded a $6.2M contract from the US Air Force (USAF) to supply 418,000 gallons of firefighting foam for firefighting vehicles and fire station foam stocks, which has been manufactured completely by AUXQUIMIA. This project has been delivered to 170 US Air bases worldwide.

The USAF has replaced its legacy Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) stocks to minimize their impact on the environment. ICL’s MilSpec foam is a next-generation, environmentally responsible firefighting foam that is perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS)-free and contains only trace amounts of perfluorooctonoaic acid (PFOA).

ICL´s was the first C6 fluorosurfactant-based foam to pass the US military’s rigorous Mil-F-24385 fire test standard and to be listed on its Qualified Products List (QPL).

We do have a 24/7 Emergency Number to mobilize supplies at any time for worldwide shipments, by truck and air.

AUXQUIMIA also provides technical advice, analysis of foam concentrates and foam quality tests in firefighting systems.

Contact details and 24/7 telephone number


Polígono Industrial de Baiña, Parcela 23

33682 Baiña - Mieres

Asturias – Spain

T (+34) 985 242 945/6

F (+34) 985 253 809

24h emergency: (+44) 01202 864 796

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