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Foam School 2017
Published:  11 January, 2017
Foam School

The five-day Foam School has been organised by training specialist H2K in cooperation with foam manufacturer Dr Sthamer-Hamburg.

The JOIFF-accredited course will take place March 27-31 at CNPP in Vernon, France.

The training has been designed for personnel responsible for emergency response involving large-scale flammable liquid fire fighting as well as insurance company employees and fire engineers wishing an insight into fixed and mobile foam systems.

The Foam School, a blend of theory, workshops, demonstrations and practical fire fighting, will address the following:

• New developments and insights on foam systems, fire-fighting foams and polar solvents

• NFPA 11: standard for low-, medium-, and high-expansion foam

• EN 1568: Fire-extinguishing media, foam concentrates, specification for low-expansion foam concentrates for surface application to water-immiscible liquids

• EN 13565: Fixed fire-fighting systems, foam systems, design and construction and maintenance

• Foam selection: testing, rating, storage and stability and international standards

• Fire-fighting foams: fluor-free foam concentrates, C6 foam concentrates, legislation and good practice

• Incident scenarios at atmospheric tanks and bunded areas

• Lessons learned

• Demos of fire-fighting response with fixed foam systems

• Practical training.

The practical training will include training with an on-site tank fire; fire in a bunded area; on-site tank fire; hydrocarbon jet fires; and a large-scale ethanol pool fire.

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