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AFOA and the IFE create new aviation working group
Published:  25 October, 2016

The inaugural meeting of the Airport Fire Officers Association (AFOA) and the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) Aviation took place at Gatwick Airport Fire Station in October. The aim of the meeting was to create the first Special Interest Group for Aviation in the UK.

This concept was first discussed prior to the 2016 AFOA conference (20-21 January 2016) between Graeme Day of Heathrow Airport Fire Service, Simon Petts of Gatwick Airport Fire Service and Chairman of AFOA and Andy James of the IFE. The idea was conceived to create a link between the expertise of the AFOA committee and membership and that of the IFE members.

The Special Interest Group for Aviation will be sharing of information and building on future educational programmes for firefighting professionals with an interest in aircraft and aerodrome response. The group was quickly extended to include members of the wider aviation fire and rescue community with experience in developing information conduits.

Graeme Day chaired the initial meeting, leading the first discussions around the groups’ remit.

The Special Interest Group for Aviation has committed to meeting again at the AFOA conference, held on 18-19 January, 2017. The new special interest group will be brought up for discussion during the event.

Delegates can sign up here for AFOA’s Annual Conference.