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New Panther 6x6 roars for the US market
Published:  19 September, 2016

The Rosenbauer Panther is being introduced to the US at the annual conference of the ARFF Working Group, Frisco, Texas, 18-20 September.

The Panther is Rosenbauer’s flagship ARFF vehicle and is one of the world’s most popular airport fire trucks. It is manufactured at facilities located in Wyoming, MN and Leonding, Austria. The rollout for the USA-manufactured Panther is scheduled for 2017.


  • Chassis: Rosenbauer 39-700-6x6
  • Engine: Volvo D16, 700 HP, Tier IV final (USA version)
  • Transmission: Twin Disc, 6-Speed Power Shift
  • Extinguishing agents: 3,000 gallons of water, 400 gallons of foam, 500 pounds of dry chemical with optional 460 pound clean agent system
  • Pump:  Rosenbauer N80 with capacity up to 2,350 GPM at 180 PSI
  • HRET:  54' High Reach Extendible Turret with capacity up to 1,500 GPM
  • HVLA:  High Volume Low Attack turret with capacity up to 1,250 GPM
  • Approximate Overall Dimensions:  39'L x 10'W x 12'H
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating:  85,800 pounds