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A 'concept' fire truck
Published:  19 September, 2016

During its 150th birthday celebrations Rosenbauer presented the fire truck of the future.

The CFT consists of an extremely compact and maneuverable emergency vehicle with a highly functional design. This is a vehicle that can be easily and safely operated from ground level, and no longer requires firefighters to ‘climb’ into the cabin, but which has a low entry cab instead.

Rosenbauer claims that this truck looks more like a command center than a crew transporter. Moreover the company says that it is a vehicle which when on the move and in operation is extremely efficient and only produces very limited exhaust and noise emissions.    

The Concept Fire Truck constitutes a multipurpose emergency vehicle with room in its optimised spatial concept for the complete range of equipment that the fire services require for their various operations. It is a firefighting vehicle with a pump and tank on board, as well as rescue unit with hydraulic recovery equipment in the equipment compartments. This universal fire truck can store a vast quantity of special equipment in its rear section and also functions as an ambulance, which with just a few simple adjustments can be converted to enable initial medical treatment to injured persons and their subsequent transport in a lying position.