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ARFF with 20m HRET
Published:  15 September, 2016

A new Oshkosh 6x6 Striker with a 20m high-reach extendable turret will be unveiled at the 2016 ARFF Working Group annual conference, Frisco, Texas in September.

The Snozzle HRET features a high-flow nozzle, a piercing and perforated carbide steel tip, and an optional infrared camera. The device enables firefighters to discharge from 1.8m below grade to elevations of up to 19.8m.

Engineered in two lengths, the 15m HRET is available on 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 Striker vehicles and the 20m HRET on the 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles. Both lengths are able to pierce the upper deck of new large aircraft.

Recent advancements in the Snozzle technology include a new control system integrated into the vehicle electronics for easier diagnostics, faster servicing, and simplified controls.

The piercing steel tip now features an updated hydraulic rotary actuator that delivers an increased range of motion of 280º as well as greater skin penetration strength.  The piercing tip can penetrate up to 1.2m to provide access deep into cargo areas for effective application of agent.

Around 100 Snozzle aerial devices have been sold by Oshkosh and the latest version is the longest one produced by the manufacturer.