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Panther simulator in a box
Published:  05 August, 2016

New tactical ARFF simulator is designed for ease of transportation.

Rosenbauer’s Panther tactical simulator is now available as a mobile, stand-alone training system that can easily be transported between fire stations.

The new simulator is housed in a ro-ro container swap body vehicle and only requires a 400V electricity supply for operation.

Two sections make up the unit, a simulator and an instructor room, both fitted with powerful air-conditioning units. The simulator room is an exact replica of the Panther cockpit with seat, steering wheel and joysticks in the same place. The steering has been designed to provide feedback on terrain, for instance as regards steering resistance and automatic redirection when emerging from bends. The view from the cockpit is projected on 140cm, ultra-high-definition monitors with two screens forming the front windshield. Two more screens represent the left and right lateral windows with integrated rear view mirrors, while a roof monitor shows the extinguishing arm and the roof monitor.

The US Army stationed in Germany has become the first customer to use the mobile Panther tactical simulator.