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Hazmat instructor training
Published:  22 July, 2016

The US Department of Transportation has awarded the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service US$500,000 to provide instructor training.

“These grants are part of our comprehensive approach to improving the safe transportation of hazardous material by highway, rail, water, and air,” announced US Transportation Secretary Foxx, adding that the goal is to protect the health and safety of employees and carrier operators as well as to protect public health and welfare.

TEEX is one of six US organisations to receive funding for hazmat instructor training from the US DOT’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. PHMSA develops and enforces regulations for the safe operation of 2.6 million miles of pipeline and nearly one million daily shipments of hazmat by land, sea, and air.

Training will promote safe handling of material while it is being loaded, transported and offloaded. “When these materials are not properly packaged, labelled and stowed for transportation, they can pose significant threats to transportation workers, emergency responders and the general public,” explained Jeff Bowman, TEEX environmental training manager and project director.

TEEX will develop and provide a four-day course in hazardous materials instructor training to help companies meet their safety goals and reduce hazmat incidents caused by human error. The TEEX train-the-trainer program will focus on understanding the hazardous materials regulations and recognising and identifying hazardous materials that are to be shipped.

The course will also assist hazmat employers in developing a systematic program that ensures employees can recognize and identify hazardous materials and are knowledgeable of emergency response information, self-protection measures, and accident prevention methods and procedures.

Through the grant, TEEX has proposed delivery of 37 classes in 18 cities across nine states that are adjacent to major interstate shipping highways and trucking hubs.