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A big fan in Texas
Published:  27 June, 2016

Austin (TX) Fire Department receives its first large-scale mobile ventilation unit.

Austin Fire Department has taken ownership of a truck-mounted large-scale mobile ventilation unit coined the ‘Smoke Buster’.

The only one of its kind for the department, the ventilator was the result of nearly 18 months of testing and research.

Initial purchasing process in 2014 when AFD solicited the help of some local university engineering students. While the engineers carried out ventilation tests and simulations within large structures AFD evaluated a number of mobile ventilation products.

The studies concluded that particular incidents required ventilation on a scale beyond that provided by traditional positive pressure ventilation and positive pressure attack fans.

AFD’s Smoke Buster uses a Tempest MVU-L125 mounted on a Dodge Ram heavy-duty diesel pick-up truck.

The final custom fabrication and installation of the apparatus was delivered by Skeeter Brush Trucks out of Hillsboro, Texas.

According to the manufacturer, there are over 200 similar ventilators in operation around the world.