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Simplifying voice alarm systems
Published:  13 May, 2016

Bosch introduces innovative rack-build service for EN 54-16-compliant voice-alarm systems.

The new service has been introduced to meet growing demand in the UK and Ireland for specialist alerting systems that comply with standard EN 54-16, Fire detection and fire alarm systems: Voice alarm control and indicating equipment.

Available from Audomation Software in Cannock, West Midlands, UK the rack-build service encompasses the full portfolio of Bosch voice alarm systems including the established Praesideo digital public address and emergency sound system; the new Paviro public address and voice evacuation system; and the Plena voice alarm system.

The bespoke service is aimed both at companies that have an occasional need to supply EN 54-16-compliant systems as well as those that are more regularly involved in providing these systems but that wish to increase overall capacity.

According to Bosch’s Adam Osborne, the process of designing and building an EN 54-16 voice-alarm system can be complex, especially for companies not engaged in this process on a regular basis: ‘Then it makes sense to take advantage of another company’s expertise. There will be an increase in market demand for EN 54-16-compliant systems over the next few years and this new service positions Bosch as the manufacturer of choice for any company needing a voice alarm system rack built and delivered.’

Additional bespoke components that may be required, such as specialist microphones, can also be accommodated. ‘Additional services such as onsite commissioning, training and checking of sound pressure levels once the system is installed are available on request,’ added David Howe, managing director and founder of Audomation.