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GTT to discuss priority traffic control for emergency vehicles during EMS 2016 Copenhagen
Published:  10 May, 2016

Intelligent traffic signal solutions for ambulances and other emergency vehicles will be a focus of the Emergency Medical Services Congress, May 30 to 1 June, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Manufacturer Global Traffic Technologies will present the benefits of using emergency vehicle pre-emption priority control systems, which give emergency vehicles priority green lights at intersections.

GTT’s Opticom EVP solution enables ambulances and other emergency vehicles to navigate congested intersections more effectively, improving response times whilst reducing the potential for deadly accidents. The company says that it can achieve up to a 25% reduction in response time and 70% fewer accidents for first responders.

The company’s director Tim Hall will host a discussion during EMS Congress highlighting the history and future of the different technologies used in priority control systems; the benefits of EVP systems; and the impact on traffic coordination.

Lessons learned in North America and the critical deployment elements of EVP technologies will also be presented.

The session will take place in the Exhibitor Classroom in Blomstersalen 12.00-12.20 and is open to all delegates.

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