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Making the grade
Published:  29 April, 2016

New foam concentrates gain US military specification listing.

The Arctic 3% and 6% AFFF foam concentrates from Solberg have achieved US Military Certification MIL-F-24385F.

All AFFF used by the US military must meet the requirements set forth in MIL-F-24385F, which is under the control of the Naval Sea Systems Command. The Naval Research Laboratory is the designated institution for certification evaluation for the Department of Defence AFFF Qualifying Products List.

Solberg’s PFOA and PFOS-free synthetic Arctic foam concentrates are designed to extinguish class B fuel fires using fresh, salt or brackish water.

The Arctic 3% AFFF is also certified for use in commercial land and offshore applications where the use of MIL-SPEC-certified concentrate is required. These include aircraft rescue and firefighting services at airports, aircraft hangars and heliports.

In May 2012 Arctic foam concentrates became C6 fluorochemical-based, making Solberg – a division of Amerex Corporation – the first foam manufacturer in the US to offer commercially available foam concentrates that are compliant to the 2015 US EPA PFOA Product Stewardship Program. The Arctic 3% MIL-SPEC AFFF is also Underwriters Laboratories-listed in accordance with UL 162.

Mitch Hubert, Solberg’s vice president global product development, commented: ‘After months of development work and hundreds of fire tests we have come up with product formulations that are superior in every aspect of performance and have the added value of being UL listed to the stringent requirements of sprinkler applications.

‘Formulating a product with the range of performance found in our 3% and 6% MIL-SPEC AFFF concentrates is elegant chemistry at its best.’