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Are you ready to make the switch to fluorine-free foams?
Published:  21 March, 2016

The Singapore Aviation Academy and the International Aviation Fire Protection Association launch a new firefighting foam seminar, 20-22 July.

Over three days the conference will deal with issues related to recent developments in fluorine-free alternatives to aqueous film-forming foam, such as performance and regulatory (environmental) requirements.

The conference website highlights that in today’s market there is a real chance of procuring the wrong type of foam for critical operations, which could compromise the life safety of both the firefighters and the public.

The future of fire-fighting foams: minimising its environmental impact for greater sustainability will see ARFF experts sharing their specialised knowledge on firefighting foam.

The event will include site visits to the airport emergency service at Singapore Changi Airport and/or an oil and gas refinery. Delegates will also have the opportunity to network with their counterparts and industry players including firefighting foam suppliers.

For more information and to register for the event, visit