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A new platform for the hydrocarbon passive protection community
Published:  15 January, 2016

NEW EVENT: Dates announced for inaugural conference in Manchester.

 Following the launch of the Hydrocarbon Passive Protection Network (PFPNet) last year, the new conference will take place 7-8 September 2016 in Manchester, UK.

The first day of the conference will see a selection of speakers presenting on various aspects of passive fire protection, current practice, issues and forward requirements.

The second day will comprise workshops where specific subject areas will be discussed including a future work programme for PFPNet.

PFPNet was launched to raise standards in the use of passive fire protection, which is often accompanied by confusion and misunderstanding as regards application and products.

Abstracts are currently being invited for the technical sessions taking place on day one. They must cover one of the following areas:

  • Design, engineering and specification of PFP
  • Material development, testing and certification of PFP
  • System application and installation
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of existing installations

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