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CAAI unveils new online licensing system for aviation authorities
Published:  05 October, 2015

A new electronic licensing system for National Aviation Authorities (NAA) that allows aviation professionals to apply, renew and manage licences online has been launched by Civil Aviation Authority International (CAAI) and New Zealand-based technology partner, Aspeq.

Developed using the latest HTML5 and technology, the new E-Licensing System is fully compatible with CAAi’s existing E-Examination System, that has already been implemented by numerous aviation authorities, including the UK CAA, worldwide.

Using pre-set workflows tailored to National Aeronautical Authority(NAA) regulatory requirements, the E-licensing system can immediately determine an applicant’s licence eligibility through a unique ‘Am I ready’ validation. When candidates do not meet the prerequisites, the system highlights areas of deficiency and guides candidates through a step-by-step process to submission, without NAA staff intervention. Candidates can track the status of an application online, and approved training organisations can easily manage mass applications for trainees or existing licence holders applying for ratings or extensions.

Supporting compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommend Practices (SARPs), the new E-licensing system helps maximises safety performance and the efficiency of an NAA. Custom built workflows free-up NAA personnel, allowing resource to be reallocated to safety-critical areas. Automated dashboards and workflow reports allow NAAs to manage work allocation more effectively. As licensing requirements change, trained staff can easily update or redesign application workflows without input from a developer, giving NAAs flexibility to respond quickly.

The elimination of paper-based applications marks a major milestone in 21st Century aviation. Matthew Margesson, Exams and Licensing Senior Business Manager for CAAI said: ‘This is an exciting time for aviation authorities. Our E-examination technology has already gifted significant process improvement and safety oversight benefits to NAAs. E-licensing technology helps streamline the licensing process, taking business efficiency to a new level and provides candidates with a modern, easy-to-use system that can enhance the safety and security of licensing and the reputation of an NAA.’

The E-licensing system can manage all ICAO and EASA license types including flight crew, aircraft maintenance engineer and air traffic control licensing, in addition to local regulatory licences.