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Free 'Basic forcible entry' training available from the Firefighters Support Foundation
Published:  12 May, 2015

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s latest training course is now available, addressing the physics of levers, forcible entry tools, residential vs commercial construction, door size-up, thru-the-lock methods, and conventional forcible entry. 

All methods are both explained and demonstrated extensively in a programme consisting of a 35-minute video presentation and an accompanying 30-slide in PowerPoint. The presenter is Oregon firefighter and state-certified instructor Brent Wellington.

Despite the widespread use of power tools to affect forcible entry, there is still a great need for the use of hand tools to carry out this manoeuvre.  Unfortunately, these hands-on skills are not being passed on as much as they used to be, so therefore this  training course introduces firefighters to the skills they will need to carry out forcible entry when power tools aren't available or practical.

The program is free to all members of public safety and emergency management agencies. Simply go to to download your copy.