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Researchers from SP Fire Research co-author Tunnel Fire Dynamics
Published:  07 January, 2015

New book aims to significantly improve the understanding of fire safety engineering in tunnels.

A wide range of issues related to fire safety engineering in tunnels are covered in the book, including phenomena related to tunnel fire dynamics, the latest research, as well as detailed solutions to major issues with examples for calculations.

Chapters on fuel and ventilation control, combustion products, gas temperatures, heat fluxes, smoke stratification, visibility, tenability, design fire curves, heat release, fire suppression and detection, CFD modeling, and scaling techniques are all designed to equip readers to create their own fire safety plans for tunnels.

Tunnel Fire Dynamics is written for engineers and/or public officials with responsibility for tunnels, and according to the publishers it would also be of interest to fire protection engineers interested in evolving technical principles of fire safety.

Authors: Haukur Ingason, Ying Zhen Li, Anders Lönnermark

It is available here