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International Fire Instructors Workshop Conference to take place in Poland
Published:  04 June, 2014

The Regional Branch of the Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians in Olsztyn, together with the Regional Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Olsztyn and UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute, is organising an open conference on interior structural fires, on June 9-10 in the regional headquarters of the State of Olzstyn Fire Service in Poland.

The International Structural Fire Conference is an annual conference of the IFIW group (International Fire Instructor’s Workshop) taking place in different parts of the world each year. This group gathers the world’s leading scientists and practitioners working on broad topics of structural firefighting.

The conference will be dedicated to questions relating to fire ventilation, the latest fire behaviour research, occupational health & safety, and firefighting training and techniques. People interested in both scientific and practical aspects of fire operations and protection will have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with latest advancements and trends in the mentioned areas as well as to observe the latest in practical demonstrations. Apart from the official programme there will also be a chance to exchange points of view and experience and establish contacts with an international group of opinion-forming experts.

Participation by a host of international guests will constitute a perfect opportunity to establish closer and lasting global networks. The unique character of the undertaking, results from the participation of this year’s IFIW group – experts from 18 countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and many European countries, makes this conference a unique event. International Structural Fire Conference – an event dedicated to leaders in firefighting operations and fire protection.


Topics of the conference:

1. Fire ventilation – Stefan Svensson (Sweden),

2. Latest research on interior fire environment and tactics – Steve Kerber (the United States of America),

3. The role of fidelity in fire training – Ed Hartin (the United States of America),

4. Redefining FIRE – Peter McBride (Canada),

5. Smoke Flow Control and related tactical issues – Michael Reick (Germany),

6. Compartment fire behaviour training in Poland – Szymon Kokot-Góra (Poland),

7. Demonstration of the use of "dolls houses" for simulation of fire conditions – Shan Raffel – Australia,

8. Demonstration of nozzle techniques – John McDonough – Australia, Karel Lambert – Belgium.

The event is aimed at operational fire officers, prevention experts, fire service instructors, fire safety experts, firefighters, students and all other interested participants.

To register please go to the link below, download a registration card and send it to the venue email address. All additional details are provided under the link and in the registration card.