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2014 Floodfighter Emergency and Water Rescue Tactical Master Class announced
Published:  19 May, 2014

After the highly successful SAR to Resuscitation Floodfighters Lifesaving Conference and Workshop, UK, March 2014, many attendees asked for another US Master class held by Charlotte Fire Department and the Emergency Management of the State of North Carolina. This is set to take place in the autum of 2014 - the final dates are still to be confirmed.

This to follow a ten-year partnership programme consisting of exchange visits from flood rescue professionals from all over the world, during which several hundred international delegates attended workshops, and acquired the high value tactical skill sets and knowledge.

Following the confirmed invitation from the US Fire and Emergency Management of the State of Carolina - with new developments in the water and flood rescue field - this year’s focus will be on response and tactical operations and will include high-level rescue boat operations (RBOs), simulated deployment in the field from a ‘Base of Operations’ (BOO) and tactical/technical flood and water response issues.

Aimed at specialist flood and water response staff, flood incident managers, instructors, tactical advisers and those responsible for specialist rescue training or procurement of flood and water rescue response apparatus and services.

The first four days of the event will have emphasis on deployment in the field for with ‘wide area ops’, night operations and navigation, helo-aquatic rescue (helicopter operations) and UAS/V surveillance and reconnaissance. These new techniques will be supported by a ‘Dive Rescue Station’ visit.

The Floodfighters Conference will aim for attendees to share information and experiences with all interested parties – and will offer ambitious and intense level of input.

The event will offer the very information and developments in water rescue from all over the world and it will include the latest revisions to guidance documents.

As in previous years, Charlotte FD and the Emergency Management of North Caroline are supporting the visit by providing all support for delegates in conjunction with the support service partner Professional Rescue.

Delegate places for the Master Class are highly limited, however those interested should contact: