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ATEX/DSEAR course Glasgow, Scotland, 14-15 May 2014
Published:  22 April, 2014

This training course aims to help attendees gain an understanding into the phenomenon of explosions (effect and consequences); and how to become compliant with regulations in force whilst delivering a sound basis of safety to protect personnel and equipment as far as reasonably practicable.

Who should attend?

The training will benefit those who are responsible for industrial premises that fall under DSEAR (UK)/ATEX (EU) regulations; engineers who are responsible for designing new process plant and maintaining existing installations; and OEMs who are required to design equipment and process according to the ATEX directive


- To include gas and dust explosion theory.

- DSEAR & ATEX regulations,

- Ignition theory, hazardous area classification.

- Risk assessment and protection concepts


Thistle Glasgow,

Cambridge Street,


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