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New Hong Kong Fire mobile training unit is brought into operation
Published:  06 March, 2014

At the beginning of February the Hong Kong Fire Services Department began operating a mobile training facility from Haagen, a manufacturer of firefighter training products and complete training systems, a cooperation partner of the LHD Group.

By means of the special technology of the Fire Class A training facility, situations can be mimicked with real flames, extreme heat, high humidity, severely limited visibility and thick smoke without pollution of the environment.

The mobile unit has its own electrical power supply and it is scheduled to enter operation at 10 different locations in Hong Kong. During the exercises, the firefighters wear original Lion firefighting gear from the LHD Group in order to train emergency situations in full capacity as realistically as possible.

These suits were developed specially for the Hong Kong Fire Services Department and, in addition to a high level of freedom of movement and breathability, provide an optimum in protection for the forces in action.

Within the scope of the TotalCare contract with the Hong Kong Fire Services Department the LHD Group Hong Kong is responsible for the supply, cleaning and maintenance of more than 13,000 sets of firemen’s clothing for the ca. 6,500 members of the fire service, together with the logistics involved.