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New high-rise fire alarm control panels gain approval from the City of Chicago
Published:  21 January, 2014

Fike receives City of Chicago approval for high-rise applications for its CyberCat 1016 and 254 control systems. 

These UL- and FM-approved fire alarm control panels were first accepted for Class I and Class II applications within the City of Chicago in 2009. This new approval allows for equipment use in high-rise applications (above 80 feet) where two-way voice communications are required.

Important to the City of Chicago approval was that Fike's integrated CyberCat fire alarm/voice system has a built in back-up amplifier integrated with their existing amplifier, meaning true critical component redundancy is achieved for a fraction of the cost of installing a complete back-up voice amplifier.

The CyberCat system offers peer-to-peer technology, meaning devices not only communicate up-to-the-second information to the control panel, but can also communicate with each other for a faster reaction time. Each device is capable of generating highly accurate and detailed information regarding a fire's location.

‘The City of Chicago recognises the compliance of the intelligent CyberCat systems which offers detection and protection solutions to buildings eighty feet above grade according to the fire protection standard,’ said Kevin Montgomery, Fike Global Product Manager, Alarm Systems.