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Emergency vehicle conspicuity system now has extended performance life
Published:  10 December, 2013

Rennicks UK's vehicle conspicuity system comprising of Nikkalite Flexible Crystal Grade Microprismatic sheeting was first launched last year. However, the company has now technically verified a 10-year performance life when converted by a Gold level partner.

The material, used in conjunction with AdvantEdge technology, features an enhanced top-layer pigment providing long-lasting protection against the elements with an impenetrable highly accurate edge-seal preventing water ingress and dirt damage.

The end result is tough and highly durable livery that is flexible enough for the contours of vehicle bodywork and provides outstanding visibility.

And its 10-year working life means it is also designed to cope with the longer service times now faced by many emergency vehicles.

John Swift, of Rennicks UK, said: ‘We pride ourselves on offering fully compliant, high impact conspicuity materials for the emergency services.

‘This material offers a market-leading solution with a tough, bright pigment and unique conformability characteristics geared up to meet exacting demands.

‘Emergency vehicles stay in service longer these days with ambulances often in operation for up to seven years and fire vehicles up to 15 years, so it’s important the livery remains bright and vibrant during these time frames.

‘The Rennicks 10-year outstanding performance life should give the emergency services peace of mind that their livery will remain just that for the working life of the vehicle.”

Rennicks UK run a ‘Gold Converters’ approval process to endorse companies who maintain the highest standards in the production of their products and the company insists the conspicuity system has a 10-year life when it’s edge-sealed and applied by one of those in the scheme.

John Swift added: ‘The AdvantEdge seal is key to the system’s longevity as it ensures no water or dirt ingress into the material and that the edges remain in good condition, helping to prevent peeling or fading.

‘But the quality of the conversion process is critical to the performance of Nikkalite and there’s a stringent seven-point process that our Gold Convertors must comply with to make the grade and produce vehicle marking kits.

‘Ultimately, Gold Convertors represent the very highest standards of the process, quality control, traceability and delivered product – which is why we’re happy to endorse their work and support the 10-year performance life.’