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SecuredSolar protects firefighters against electrical hazards caused by photovoltaic solar panels
Published:  15 November, 2013

Recently firefighters across the world became alarmed at the prospect of battling blazes in buildings topped with solar panels, which can create new risks of roofs collapsing, an inability to gain footing and even potential electric shock. Basically the problem is that responding personnel cannot just turn off electricity as they would do in buildings. The panels go on to produce power as long as daylight enters.

So far there was no protection against high voltages up to 1,000 VDC which can be lethal by contact or even by leading the electricity through the water jet of the nozzle into a fire fighter.

F112 SecurEmergency’s SecuredSolar is a fluid that is sprayed onto the panels with a high pressure pump. The fluid is opaque and then immediately removes the voltage. After application, the fluid hardens the film and can later be removed without leaving any residue. The fluid has been specially developed for use on solar and photovoltaic modules. Due to its light grey colour, firefighter can see when the fluid has covered the full panel.

The viscous properties enables the enduring grip on smooth surfaces at any roof pitch. SecuredSolar contains fire retardants and can also be used as an extinguishing agent.

F112 SecurEmergency is a German-Californian Joint Venture that develops specialty products for both Fire Fighting and Prevention. Beside photovoltaic the teams are working on more products for fighting electric fires, suppressing electrical arcs and new remarkable solutions in decontamination.