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Rosenbauer presents first Euro VI firefighting appliance
Published:  23 October, 2013

Following the initial presentation of Euro VI models by truck manufacturers at the IAA in Frankfurt, Rosenbauer has now introduce its first low-emission fire appliance  with the latest exhaust emissions technology, the AT-design rescue pumper on an MAN TGM all-wheel chassis.

The MAN engine from the D0836 series has an output of 251 kW (341 hp) at 2,300 min-1 and possesses a common rail fuel injection system and two-level turbocharging. Fuel injection and combustion design have been newly developed in order that they offer low consumption and particle optimisation. The exhaust gas post-treatment system has been reworked and new components added. It now consists of cooled and regulated exhaust gas recovery, an electronically monitored diesel particle filter and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system with AdBlue injection and integrated oxidation catalyst. 


Optimised geometries
The stringent Euro VI parameters involving an 80% reduction in NOx emissions and a 66% cut in particle mass as opposed to Euro V, are only possible due to the combination of these differing waste gas technologies. As a consequence, the exhaust gas treatment unit is larger than was previously the case and additional space has had to be created under the superstructure for the required AdBlue system. In the course of intensive teamwork, the development departments at Rosenbauer and MAN were able to master these challenges and the layout of the components within the vehicle has been so designed that, from a firefighting technology standpoint, virtually no payload volume or storage space in the superstructure has been lost. The exhaust gas treatment unit has been integrated between the revolving steps and the first separating wall on the right-hand side of the superstructure without any limitations on storage capacity in the equipment compartments. At the same time, the revolving steps leading to the crew cabin, which provide outstanding ease of entry and exit, have been retained in their proven form. The storage compartment in the vicinity of the revolving steps has been used for the integration of vehicle batteries. 

RS14 with Green Star function
A great many alarm responses in the fire service sector take place without the activation of extinguishing pumps and therefore a permanently running, powerful vehicle engine is unnecessary. In order to account for this aspect of operations, a portable RS14 generator equipped with Rosenbauer’s patented Green Star function has been integrated into the Euro 6 vehicle. This function constantly monitors the battery voltage of the deactivated vehicle engine and should this fall below a certain level, the RS14 starts automatically via the standardized DIN 14700 fire service interface and recharges the vehicle’s batteries. As a result, overall fuel consumption is cut, noise emissions are reduced and the impact on the diesel particle filter during stationary gas operation is effectively lowered.    

Launch of sales starts immediately
Rosenbauer’s first EURO VI fire truck consists of an HLF 20 with an 18t chassis. The vehicle is equipped with 2,400l of water and 200l of foam, a pump unit comprised by an N35 integrated pump with two separate proportioning systems, a three-level FIXMIX and a DIGIMATIC22 system (infinitely adjustable 0.1 to 6.0% proportioning), an RM24 roof monitor with deflector, and a side protection system with additional lateral airbags in the crew cabin. 

Euro VI fire trucks are on sale with immediate effect and initial protects are already in the quotation phase. Moreover, the company guarantees that for as long as Euro V chassis are produced, it will provide corresponding superstructure variations.