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Solberg achieves certification to new ICAO test standard for fire fighting foam
Published:  23 September, 2013
Re-Healing Foam RF3x6ATC

Level C certification has been achieved with Re-Healing RF3x6 ATC at 6%.

Level B

Re-Healing RF3 (3%), RF6 (6%) and RF3x6 ATC (at both 3% and 6% solution) all achieved Level B Certification.

The ICAO Level B certification for Re-Healing RF6 foam concentrate was achieved on both the UL 162 Listed and the EN 1568 approved product formulations.

The newest generation of Re-Healing RF3 foam concentrate  is now approved as ICAO Level B, in addition to existing product certifications including Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standard 162 Listed, and EN 1568 as 1A.

Level C

Re-Healing RF3x6 ATC achieved Level C certification at the 6% solution rate.

Comment and background

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) certification was carried out by the UK CAA through its subsidiary CAA International, which provides independent third party verification of fire fighting performance.

Simon Webb, the UK CAA Technical Specialist, said “This independent certification of fire fighting foam is good news for prospective purchasers. They now can be assured of the fire fighting performance in these witnessed tests.”

“Solberg Re-Healing foam is the future of fire fighting foam worldwide. Achieving Level B Certification on our range of Re-Healing foam concentrates is further proof of the continuing advancement of our fluorine-free technology”, stated Jan Solberg, Director of Business Development for Solberg.