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Rosenbauer launches a new short firefighting boot range – Twister-cross
Published:  17 April, 2013

With its new Twister-cross, Rosenbauer has launched a short boot with a Class C shaft. The boot is suitable for all firefighting and rescue operations and has EN 15090:2012 F2A HI3 CI AN SRA certification instead of the 280mm shaft length stipulated in Austria by ÖBFV-RL KS – 06. The new boot meets the requirements of both countries’ fire and rescue services. In fact, it differs from all other fire service boots because it is shorter than conventional boots.

The new design minimises the changing of footwear during rescue and fire service operations. The Twister-cross can be used by firefighters and rescue crews for any type of operation. The new short boot for Rosenbauer offers enhanced wearer comfort due to special cushioning and two flex zones made from soft, grained leather. It saves valuable time during operations and offers an outstanding degree of safety.

Even though the boot is only 190mm high, the Twister-cross provides operational safety, and is also suitable for indoor attacks as one of the few short boots on the market.

Ankle protection, steel inserts and toecaps protect the foot against injury. In addition, reflective elements in the visible area ensure maximum visibility even when over-trousers are worn.

The TWISTER-cross is available with a Sympatex  membrane and hydrophobic leather making it waterproof while offering optimum protection against viruses, bacteria and liquids. The multilayer sole with air cushioning between the layers also provides insulation against cold and heat. Every set of boots has a low weight of only approx. 2.2 kg (average European size 43).

Twister-cross have been designed with the innovative BOA lacing system. This employs break-resistant, coated, stainless steel laces and a push/turn knob, which enables the boot to be pulled on or off in a flash, as well as offering a perfect fit. During wear, the boot can be easily adjusted to the shape of the foot and thanks to its coating, the stainless steel lace is protected and especially durable. In conclusion they are easy to clean, as it is difficult for dirt to adhere to them.