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Lion acquires Haagen and BullEx to offer responder training equipment and resources
Published:  19 January, 2012

As an international manufacturer of protective equipment for first responders, Lion has announced that Haagen Fire Training Products and BullEx Digital Safety, manufacturers of fire and safety training systems and centres, are joining the organisation.

Together The Netherlands-based Haagen and the Albany, New York-based BullEx and companies form the world’s largest provider of fire training systems and centres as a new division within the organisation called the Lion Training Resources Group.

This group will benefit from the strong synergy within the rest of the company especially with the Lion Safety Resources Group, which develops and manufactures PPE for fire, military and police personnel.

Lion has a legacy of offering first responders unprecedented innovations critical to preparing them to do what their jobs require because they are safer, healthier, more comfortable and more functional”, said Lion CEO Steve Schwartz.

“With Haagen and BullEx as part of the LION group, we offer another critical aspect of readiness — effective training equipment to make sure first responders are more knowledgeable, more proficient and more prepared to do their jobs.”

Haagen and BullEx offer Smart Tools for Real Training. The companies’ product lines include fire, safety and hazmat training tools, systems and centres which are used by fire departments, corporations and governments worldwide. BullEx fire extinguisher training systems have become the industry standard and have been used by thousands of organizations to train millions of people how to properly use a fire extinguisher. BullEx now offers a total solutions product line for firefighter training, fire prevention public education and corporate safety training.

Haagen has built several fire training facilities around the world including the Safety Center Holland, Dortmund, Germany Fire Training Facility, the Saudi Arabia Civil Defense Training Facility and the SDIS 74 Fire Training Complex in Tours, France.

Projects currently being constructed include the SDIS 95 Fire Training Facility in Val-d’Oise, France, The Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Training Centre in Glasgow, Scotland and the Shanghai Fire Training Center in China.

“The addition of Haagen and BullEx to the Lion group of companies is a natural fit,” said BullEx CEO Ryan O’Donnell.

“Not only do the companies share a culture of innovation, but they have a commitment to enhancing first responder readiness. The our organization provides HAAGEN and BullEx with a tremendous foundation which will enhance our ability to develop, market, manufacture and service cutting-edge training systems and centers for our global customer base. Becoming a part of the world leader in PPE will also give our organization valuable insight into and understanding of this critical element of firefighter safety, which will undoubtedly enhance our ability to build world-class training equipment.”