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City of Broken Arrow acquires new incident command simulator for its fire service
Published:  12 September, 2011

E-Semble has won a public bid to provide an Incident Command Simulator to the City of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (USA). This makes the City of Broken Arrow the first official Fire Service user in the USA.

After a thorough study of the current available virtual reality simulation systems they selected E-Semble's XVR platform for their future training. "We chose XVR because of the flexibility it offers our instructors", said Bryan Myrick, training officer at the Broken Arrow Fire Department. 

XVR will provide the city of Broken Arrow with an effective instrument to teach, assess, enhance and rehearse skills of individuals, teams and organizations with a role in incident and disaster management. E-Semble will add several new objects to the library of objects in XVR, modeled after the vehicles and equipment in use by the city.
This week XVR arrived in Broken Arrow. The instructors of the Fire Service are being trained to use the software effectively for their specific learning and training objectives. The training is conducted by instructors from E-Semble and its North American partner Drivewise. The Fire Service will be able to train with the custom made US objects starting this fall.
Broken Arrow city is in the state of Oklahoma, and the Broken Arrow Fire Department is a cross-trained department that runs FIRE and E.M.S., employing over 135 employees while servicing a population of over 93,000 citizens.