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Firefighting clothing manufacturer Lion Apparel Germany to unveil new developments at A+A Dusseldorf 2011
Published:  31 August, 2011

Key attraction at the Lion stand is the new generation of patented high-tech structural VForce firefighting suits.

The developments will be unveiled during the forthcoming A+A (18 – 21 October, Dusseldorf, Germany).

The high-tech structural VForce fire fighting suits include several design improvements as well as a new innovative three-layered inner lining which is not only flame-retardant but also features an active moisture management system. This allows perspiration to escape so that there is no heat build-up within the suit.

The new fire fighting suits will be exhibited in colours red and gold, with the red colour version being launched on October 1. 'The new inner lining of the V-Force fire fighting suits virtually sucks the body moisture from the skin. It protects fire fighters better from scalding and also increases their safety, sense of wellbeing and wear comfort. Firefighters feel longer comfortable dry in these suits,' explained Peter Meffert, Sales Manager Region West. ‘In addition our successful cooling braces can be tested on our stand. They also actively help to reduce heat stress. Beside these active cooling solutions.’

Other developments include a new range of PPE approved for use on ships and oil platforms, all of which are complemented by the unique Lion Totalcare service.

Lion Totalcare has won several awards. In 2009 the district of Offenbach received the Innovation Prize of the Federal Ministry of Economy for implementing a new procurement and clothing management service for 2,200 members of volunteer fire brigades, emergency and security services, for which the Lion Totalcare service had generated significant savings and service improvements.