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CAA-approved aviation fire training providers meet at Gatwick
Published:  22 July, 2011

Gatwick Fire and Rescue Service recently hosted the second meeting of the UKs CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Approved training providers.

Following a working lunch Commercial Training Manager for Gatwick Fire, Simon Petts (Station Manager for Gatwick FRS) opened the meeting welcoming everyone to Gatwick. The forum was set up following an increase in CAA approved training providers and following discussions at the Airport Operators Association (AOA) Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS ) working group.

Delegates from most of the UKs ATPs were present including:






Highlands and Islands



Also present was MR Kevin Marchand from GoSkills who are working with the industry to create future aviation firefighter qualifications.

The meeting was Chaired by George Taylor ( HIAL) with an agenda covering items from future development of qualifications and a National Occupational Standard ( NOS ) for the aviation fire service job roles.

“The ATP forum is a very useful arena in which to discuss the issues faced by the aviation fire training world in the near and distant future, it allows those who have a responsibility for providing training to the industry’s firefighters to speak to each other and develop new ways off approaching some of the challenges that we are faced with,” Simon Petts commented on the event.

The group is planning to meet again at the Emergency Services Show in November 2011.