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Apollo launches laser alignment
Published:  23 November, 2010

Apollo Fire Detectors has introduced conventional auto-aligning beam detector with laser alignment to its extensive range of fire detection products.

With a range of 8m to 100m, it has been specifically designed to be easy to install and maintain, and excels in detecting smoke in large, open areas such as warehouses, hangars, theatres, churches and sports centres.

During installation, a visible laser is used for initial alignment of the beam. An automatic, motorised auto-alignment feature then makes sure that the beam remains on target, counteracting the effects of building movement.

Automatic optimisation technology also compensates for dust buildup on the lens, ensuring false alarms are avoided and the system continues to work effectively over time. Up to four detectors can operate from one single low-level controller, minimising installation costs and allowing full control of the detector heads without the need for expensive lifting gear.

The product has worldwide approvals including EN54:12 and can be loop powered using a Switch Monitor or Mini Switch Monitor, enabling it to be easily added on as an extension to existing Apollo analogue addressable systems.