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Maximising the response with ICUs

Communication technology in ICUs (Incident Command Units) is undoubtedly gaining recognition as an integral part of all fire brigades response capabilities, writes Jose Sanchez de Muniain.

Disaster brought to life

Incident Commander students arriving on-scene are confronted with a chaotic catastrophe. The Molenbeeke quarter, located in the Dutch city of Arnhem, has been devastated due to a massive ammunition train explosion.

Is that water you're using?

Investing the time and money to add CAFS to your initial attack arsenal could significantly change your “luck”, writes foam and CAFS expert Dominic Colletti.

Prepared for water rescue

Fire & Rescue takes a look at the latest range of rescue boats, floatation devices and ancillary equipment available for use by fire services and other rescue teams, writes Kevin Stanley.

Dropping Cooling Guardians

A historic breakthrough in the combat against wildfires was recently achieved when California-based Caylym Technologies International successfully deployed the Precision Container Aircraft Delivery System (PCADS) at the former Castle Air Force Base in Atwater, California. Ann-Marie Knegt reports

Going back to basics

While some “serious gaming” developers choose to produce emergency simulation software that features lots of artificial intelligence, Dutch company E-Semble has decided to go down the opposite route. It is now keeping its products simple and instructor-led.Director Steven Lohman explains why.

How to...Carry out a heavy goods vehicle rescue operation

Not many rescuers have much experience with heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) involved in road traffic collisions. The risk of injury for truck occupants is statistically relatively low, mainly because of the fact that trucks are just that much bigger than cars. However, an incident where the truck occupants are trapped is not impossible and then extrication becomes the challenge, writes top extrication expert Brendon Morris from Holmatro Rescue Equipment.

Getting Tooled Up

This month the UK Rescue Organisation looks specifically at reciprocating saws in the context of road traffic incidents – are you aware of the implications of modern car materials?

Flood alert! EU Floodex

A spectacular sight greeted those up early enough on Tuesday 22 September 2009 at 0500 hours leaving the Fire Service College (UK) – it was a convoy of fire and rescue flood and water rescue assets. EU Floodex 2009 was lead by the Netherlands and included partners from United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia and Poland, writes David Lane of Lane,
Jefferies & Associates

A common approach to heavy rescue ops

Heavy rescue incidents involving trucks buses and trains can happen anywhere and involve any fire department. For this reason an international training initiative called NATEL (New Approach To Emergency Lifting) has been set up by two training institutes, Heavy Rescue Sweden and the Provectus Academy.