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Let's talk TETRA

One of the latest innovations in TETRA digital radio has been the addition of programming language Java.

A second life for vehicles

Acquiring a new fire appliance is a complicated affair. Not only has the initial acquisition price to be taken into consideration, but also maintenance, operational and end-of-life costs. And if that wasn’t enough, in addition there is the question of what to do with your old appliances. Ann-Marie Knegt finds out what the trends are in different parts of Europe.

News in brief

Fire & Rescue advertising sales manager, Gary Poolman will be taking part in the World Firefighting Games in August to raise money for the Beichuan Fire Service, in one of China’s worst-hit earthquake areas. Dressed in a Liver bird costume – the symbol of Liverpool – Gary will attempt to finish a half marathon for the first time. “The good thing is that no-one knows me in Liverpool, so it’s not so bad,” said Gary.

Product News

Bauer Compressors has introduced a new range of compressors to complement its Bauer Premium Line.

"Beautified" hydrants confuse Portland firefighters

A fire department has had to remind residents that hydrants should not be painted for decorative purposes. The reminder follows a number of incidents in Portland (Oregon) where hydrants have been “beautified” by residents – in one case painted silver purple – and thus covering up the hydrant’s colour-coding system.

Scandal after six arrests made

Scandal has erupted in a town in Connecticut after the fire chief resigned and six firefighters – including his sons – were charged with arson.

Fire tender travels from Manchester to Macedonia

This fully kitted fire tender has travelled from Manchester (UK) to Macedonia, part of an ongoing mission to provide fire equipment and training to communities in need across the world.

Study shows inequalities

A report by Cornell University’s Institute for Women and Work (New York) has found that less than three per cent of US firefighters are women, and more than half of paid fire departments have never employed a female firefighter.

New Emergency Response Guidebook 2008 published

The 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook (2008 ERG) has been published and includes a number of revisions and expanded/added sections.

Letter to the Editor

Letters Editor,
Fire & Rescue.
Greater London

Dear Editor,
Sidney Morning Herald reported on 13 May that there is to be a national enquiry into the incidence of cancer among firefighters.  This follows a cancer cluster among firefighters at the Atherton Fire Station in North Queensland, Australia.

Learn from the wild side

Structure firefighting is among the most hazardous tasks, fraught with dangers both visible and hidden. In the fire service we constantly strive to improve the safety margin through better equipment, hazard recognition, training, standard operating procedures, and the Incident Command System (ICS). And progressive fire service leaders look to implement “best practices” wherever they are found.

Pushing you to the limit

In this next instalment of our search for the top fire instructors of the world we talk with Tony “Sledgehammer” Keane, of Washington Hall International Training Centre, in the UK.

Global level networking

The IAFC, tells F&R that it has put together an exciting program of international sessions and speakers, in conjunction with the Institution of Fire Engineers.

Liverpool opens arms for games

Dave Robinson joined the fire service 34 years ago when he was just 16, and he is now an Area Manager for Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service. He has been involved with the Games for three years since the time of the initial bid, and has now been working full-time on the project for the last 18 months.