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Ecoglo receives interest from high risk facility safety managers

At the recent Industrial Fire Safety and Security Exhibition in Houston, Texas, photoluminescent safety egress system manufacturer Ecoglo received much interest from high risk facility safety managers. Is there a gap in your safety plan, too?

Intelligent lighting – the future is dynamic

Palle Stevn of MTG Engineering  thinks that the limitations of photo-luminescent emergency evacuation systems means they have had their day. Dynamic low location lighting systems that automatically find the safest and fastest escape route are the way of the future.

Flammable gas mixing and detection in HVAC ducts

Arrangements for providing and siting gas detectors for open areas and gas turbine enclosures (1) are generally considered to be reasonably well understood. But there is little information on the provision and siting of gas detection systems for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) ducts supplying air to accommodation modules, temporary refuges or process areas, writes Kevin O’Donnell, Offshore Safety Division, Health and Safety Executive.

Firefighting foams – Reebok redux

Stephen Korzeniowski (DuPont) and Tom Cortina (Fire Fighting Foam Coalition) reflect on the fluorine-free vs fluorinated foams debate that was brought to the fore during last year’s Reebok conference.

No escaping the trends

Bio fuels have already had a big impact on our everyday lives – even Virgin Atlantic has tested bio fuels in a 747 short haul flight – which means firefighters must be prepared for the added problems of extinguishing bio fuel fires. Luc Jacobs, Product & Environmental Manager, Arctic Fire Fighting Foams, showcases some results of recent foam tests on E95.

Reliability and performace – a dated argument?

Gary McDowall of ABC MacIntosh and Thierry Bluteau of Bio-Ex foams remind readers that fluorosurfactants are still classified as organohalogens and as such remain prohibited under the UK’s Groundwater Regulations. What’s more, they believe that today’s new generation of fluorine-free foams put paid to the argument that reliability and performance can only be achieved through the use of film-forming foam.

Reliability of computer models in fire safety design

Computer-based models are in widespread use today as part of fire safety design. However, there is considerable concern about whether or not the use of such models may be leading to unacceptable options being adopted, writes Dr Alan Beard.

EN443 vs NFPA 1971
Spreading the word on water mist

While water mist continues to find new industrial applications it still faces a safety culture reluctant to change.
Dan Worth reports.

At the sharp end of fire resistant glazing

Specifying fire resistant glazing systems can be an opaque process, Ann-Marie Knegt learned. A long list of requirements have to be fulfilled before achieving safety and fire

IFSS Expo – where industrial response leaders meet

Held in the hub of the oil industry, Houston Texas,  the third annual Industrial Fire Safety and Security Expo (5-8 February) is quickly turning into the main US industrial emergency response event, writes Ann-Marie Knegt.

Sicur sets standards for Southern Europe

Sicur ‘08 took place in the impressive Feria de Madrid in Spain,  26-29 February.
IFJ couldn’t resist visiting the Spanish capital to check out the latest developments in a show that is beginning to feel truly international.

New surprises at Intersec 08

The Middle East’s largest security and safety event attracted over 800 exhibitors from 53 countries. Visitors had to battle both torrential rain and city-wide road closures to attend, writes Jose Sanchez.

JOIFF bursary – emergency management

JOIFF – the organisation for emergency services management – is offering up to £1,500 to the successful applicant of a new bursary award. And what’s more, the bursary is open to all.