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New Products

New products for the industry:

Amstelveen Fire Department

One of the most advanced and modern fire stations in the world is the HQ of The Netherland’s Amstelveen Fire Service.The modern and efficient architecture of the building reflects the attitude of the brigade, reports Ann-Marie Knegt who talked recently to the service’s Technical and Procurement Officer, Robert Raben.

Procuring portable pumps - Dutch style

Although governments and local authorities do everything they can to prevent them, Europe’s coastal areas and rivers are flooding with alarming regularity. Richard Verhoef of Kuiken Hytrans b.v. comments:

Integrating CAFS into fire operations

Understanding and becoming competent with foam technology presents a challenge since it is a broad subject for firefighters to absorb, understand and in which to become skilled, reports Dominic Colletti.

ATEX-approved torches

A torch can mean the difference between life and death in several ways. A firefighter needs to see where he or she is going when working in a dark environment - but when the atmosphere is also potentially explosive, switching on a normal light can kill you, F&R reports.

SoloVision STEALTH

When a special team from the UK's Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue flew to Pakistan after a catastrophic earthquake, the unit they took with them was the SoloVision STEALTH.

Time to re-boot your boys?

Firefighter's boots have come a long way since the days of the unisex rubber Wellies - and with new European standards about to come into force, it may be that fire trucks will need a separate trailer just to carry all the new safety footwear!

Bristol Uniforms

A new range of Mariners Wheelapproved marine suits has just been launched by Bristol Uniforms.

Dutch engineering and innovation to the max!

Plastisol is world market leader in design, engineering and production of glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) bodywork, especially for the firefighting and rescue industry. Hans Koolen, Benelux regional sales manager told FIRE & RESCUE why the company's GRP-technology has proven to be such a success.

Firefighting vehicles - getting that tender feeling

One of the most difficult challenges for any fire & rescue service - and for firefighting vehicle manufacturers - can be found in airport environments. FIRE & RESCUE reports on some of the latest developments with an impact on the market.

The curse of the goat

December 5th, 2005 - Sweden: The giant wooden goat that has been erected in the Swedish town of Gavle to mark a special festive has been burned prematurely for the 22nd time.

The Pakistan earthquake - an overview

October 8th, 2005 - Pakistan: The earthquake that struck Pakistan has now caused nearly 75,000 deaths and the toll is still rising with the impending winter. Officials say that the damage
might take about a decade to repair.

Hurricane Katrina - what really happened?

Hurricane Katrina and its effect on the Gulf Coast is now widely regarded as one of the worst disasters ever to have struck the United States, not least because of the great confusion about what actually was going on. F&R’s Ann-Marie Knegt talked to Brian Inglis, Taskforce leader of the Vancouver US&R Team.

Fixed & portable pumps

After the disaster in New Orleans the emergency services -with the co-operation of the military- had to pump 250 billion gallons out of the city. Clearly, a disaster like this only serves to underscore the importance of having the right pump for the right job, argues Pete Perkins.

Maritime Fire & Rescue Training

Last month F&R's Ann-Marie Knegt was invited to the Vlissingen Training Centre (TRC), one of the biggest marine training locations in Europe.

Rope rescue & harnesses

Rope rescue presents special challenges, especially in remote areas or at some unique industrial sites, reports Kenneth N. Laidlaw, one of the USA’s top experts in the field.