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New Products

New products available in the industry:

The L4 1830 LED Penlight

“You break it, we replace it ... forever” - that’s Peli Products’ Unconditional Guarantee which covers its entire range of tough, technically-advanced safety-approved torches and watertight protector cases.

Tools - the need for versatility

Today’s rescuers need tools which are fit for the job, reports Aidan Turnbull. The fact is that road vehicles now feature more rigid materials and improved construction features that make them harder than ever to get into.

Thermal eye candy

Thermal imaging cameras (TICs) are more popular than ever within the emergency response community. However, choosing the right camera might be trickier than expected, as there are no guidelines for TICs yet. Ann-Marie Knegt casts some light over this situation.

What should a fire team leader expect portable fire pumps to be able to do?

Aidan Turnbull spoke to Michael Mills to get the answers.

The making of a new standard

EN 469: 2005 took 10 years to come into life, and has wide reaching implications for thousands of firefighters across Europe. So how will the new standard affect the purchasing of firefighting gear? We speak to some of the movers and shakers who made it.

Keep your kit on

In the last decade the increased incidence and severity of wildland fires has been noted by the international firefighting community.

Hotter, sleeker, better vehicles

“A RM25E water/foam monitor on the roof can be electronically remote-controlled via pistol grip. This has an output of 2500 l/min at 10 bar and a throw­range of 50m.” Rosenbauer’s Andrea Schiffer on Berlin’s new tender.

6000+ killed in Java earthquake

As the US hurricane season inches ever closer, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is busy preparing for the disaster that must inevitably hit America’s Gulf Coast.

Cumbrian firefighters avert city tragedy

Firefighters are expected to be brave and resourceful in the face of adversity. In this most unusual fire, Carlisle’s city firefighters have all won commendations for exceptional work. 10 members of Carlisle Fire Brigade commended for bravery last month.

Fire at Istanbul's Ataturk International

Cumbrian firefighters avert city tragedy.

Structuring collapse response – the new international disaster series

The release of people from collapsed structures is heavily dependent on the organisation at the disaster scene. Ann-Marie Knegt discussed the issues USAR teams face with OCHA’s rescue expert Chief Thomas Peter and Dutch USAR team leader Rob Brons in the light of the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan.

Fire Service communications

TETRA, or Terrestrial Trunked Radio, is currently being introduced across the UK and the Channel Islands to replace current analogue radio systems. F&R considers the implications of this development.

Firefighting foams

Let’s start with something all firefighters can appreciate: firefighting foam is either low expansion, medium expansion or high expansion, classified according to the ratio of air to liquid in the foam.

Beating Wildfires

F&R’s Ann-Marie Knegt talks to Doug Campbell, a fire behaviour analyst with over 35 years’ experience as a wildland firefighter. He developed the Campbell Prediction System (CPS) which, over the last 10 years, has been credited with saving many lives.