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Rescue suit

PPE supplier Cosalt:Ballyclare’s new technical rescue suit received plenty of attention at the Extrication Challenge organised by the UK Rescue Organisation in Brighton in July.

PPE developments

Extreme solutions to extreme situations with Tesimax.

Practicality and technology fusion

What does Robocop have in common with the average firefighter? At the moment not much, you might think, but if the cool gadgets currently being developed and trialled by the Paris Fire Brigade are anything to go by, then the firefighter of the future is going to be so technologically equipped that he’d make James Bond look like a kid with a leaky water pistol. Unlike Robocop, however, the firefighter will still look human so as still to be able to interact with people in distress.

Fire pumps for firefighters

Due to roll off the production lines in early 2007, this latest pump range from Angus - LD1100 (diesel) and LW1100 (petrol) - incorporates new developments in pump technology and materials.

'Crash' course in life-saving

UK: Dave Armstrong Lead Training Facilitator for Dorset Fire and Rescue Service
Dave Armstrong is Lead RTC training instructor for the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service; he sees safety as being of prime importance during the extrication process.  Dorset F&R spends many hours training on RTC scenarios.

Paris Fire Brigade acquires state-of-the-art trainers

The decision to  install two new fire trainers was based on the Paris Fire Brigade’s central development plan. This plan was to build a new fire trainer to replace its out-of-date equipment at the brigade’s management training centre.

Cliff & mountain rescue - taking the high ground

If there’s one major truth which is going to emerge from the following case histories, it’s that the majority of injuries are sustained while people are descending mountains. Typically, these involve fractures and dislocations of the extremities says Greg Emere, climbing and SAR consultant.

New vehicles for city fire brigades

What do fire brigades really need from firefighting vehicles: reliability, structural integrity, the right accessories? Aidan Turnbull looks at five new innovatory types which recently went into service.

Cliff & mountain rescue – taking the high ground.

A magnet for climber and trippers alike, the Mount Shasta wilderness area in Northern California, USA, serves a perfect example of a location where people often get into trouble. Greg Emere talks to F&R about some classic incidents which have occurred there.

Structuring international disaster co-operation

Thomas Peter, Deputy Chief, Field Co-ordination Support Section of the Emergency Services Branch for OCHA (Office of the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs) of the United Nations in Geneva, feels that very many countries that are affected by a disaster do not know what rescue teams can deliver, a problem made worse by language issues. It is his task on a daily basis to combat this problem and find solutions acceptable to every party involved.

Foam, foam and more foam

Dr. Roger Klein examines the rapidly changing commercial landscape in firefighting foams and the need for considering alter­native extinguishing methodologies for fire brigade personnel.

Problems & Solutions

F&R’s technical consultant in this problem solving feature is Kevin Mellott, a professional with over 32 years of experience in the field of public safety. Prior to founding ERASE Enterprises, Mr. Mellott was an Assistant Chief in the Department of Public Safety for the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mr. Mellott also served as the City Fire Marshal. Internationallyrecognised as an expert in emergency response and disaster operations, he has been involved in special rescue operations since 1978 and has been selected as the lead instructor for numerous special rescue projects for the US military.