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Task Force Tips' New Jumbo BIV

Task Force Tips’ new Jumbo BIV ball intake valve now features one of the industry’s toughest coatings, producing a corrosion resistant valve which delivers huge volumes of water with loss of only 3 psi @ 2,000 gpm.

Pumps and circumstances

In the early 1970s the UK fire brigades came together and set down a standard for a portable fire pump that would deliver the flow and pressures needed for fire fighting and flood control.

Harnesses & Rope interaction

With the pendulum swinging far to the side of caution, it is prudent to wonder whether the concern over what has come to be termed ‘harness hang syndrome’ is a monumental step toward harness safety, or an overreactive and injurious blow to work at height?

Gearing up for the rescue

Rescue tool manufacturer Lukas and Dutch rescue software developer Moditech have launched a revolutionary new system for rescue professionals. The Crash Recovery System comprises a multilingual database, which provides emergency responders with technical information about new car models.


e2v technologies has launched the Argus4 TIC. The Argus4 is smaller and lighter than its predecessor the Argus3, which was the first camera to offer image capture. Argus4 comes with x2 zoom, 13 colour settings and a picture capture facility. The Argus4 features include improved functionality and useability, and it enables the user to take100 photographs which can be stored and then downloaded to a PC/Laptop through a USB cable for quicker transfer.

Torching news

The new L1 Zone 0 has been designed especially for use in hazardous atmospheres. This flashlight is said to be an extremely safe tool to  work in high-risk areas. “We combined these high­tech features with the design of one of our most recent Lights, the L1,” says Estefania Fenoy, marketing manager for Peli Products.

Re-booting for 2007

Did you know that there is a new European standard for firefighters’ boots?

Customising for special needs

In co-operation with the Denmark-based manufacturer, Sawo, Plastisol has delivered several firefighting vehicles for Denmarks fire and rescue sector. Since 1995 the company has delivered more than 100 superstructures with seven rollershutters and cab extensions. Together, Sawo and Plastisol have created a special adaptation based on a MAN chassis.

HazMat Profile

NEW SOUTH WALES FIRE BRIGADE: The NSW Fire Brigade has three specialist Hazardous Materials Response Units operating from Sydney (Greenacre), Newcastle and Shellharbour. They have advanced capabilities in detection of toxic industrial chemicals, volatile substances and chemical warfare agents.

Intersec 2007 DUBAI

F&R looks at the pick of the products from INTERSEC, a highly successful three-day fire & security show at Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE.

Preparing for the storm

Pete Gomez, Deputy Emergency Manager for Miami Department of Fire-Rescue and HazMat Co-ordinator for Florida-TF2 explains how this USAR team prepares for hurricane strikes.

Highrise training

Highrise firefighting is one of the most arduous challenges facing today’s firefighters and yet - until now - it’s been nearly impossible to get effective high level training scenarios to practice in.