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Nick Groos
Speaker biography: Nick Groos, Chairman, International Fire Sprinkler Association

Nick Groos is a mechanical engineer and began his career in the fire sprinkler industry with the Viking Group back in 1989.  Currently based in Luxembourg, he is employed by Viking as its International Group Vice President.

Steve Turek
Speaker biography: Steve Turek, Assistant Commissioner, London Fire Brigade

Steve is currently an Assistant Commissioner with the London Fire brigade. He joined London in 2006 after serving for more than 30 years with the New Zealand Fire Service from Firefighter to Commander of the Auckland Fire Region.

Bill Stewart
Speaker biography: Fire Chief William A. Stewart, Toronto Fire Services

Chief Stewart is a thirty-eight year Fire Service veteran having served in the former City of North York Fire Department for 26 years prior to the amalgamation of the new City of Toronto on January 1, 1998.  He has served as an operations fire fighter, Captain, Administration Chief, Assistant Deputy, Deputy Chief and the Fire Chief since May 1, 2003.

IFE Sprinkler Conference 2010
Special report: IFE Sprinkler Conference in Scotland

The Institution of Fire Engineers in Scotland ran a major technical seminar on the 20th of January at the National Library of Scotland.

Alan Brinson
Speaker biography: Alan Brinson, Executive Director, European Fire Sprinkler Network

Alan is the Executive Director of the European Fire Sprinkler Network and a chartered chemical engineer.

Kuwait – who’s fighting what?

To celebrate Industrial Fire Journal's 20th anniversary we are be re-publishing throughout 2010 some of the best articles from the last 20 years. Here, from issue number 3 (1991) of Industrial Fire Journal, is a report from Kuwait, where every 24-hours oilfield fires were burning up six million barrels of Kuwait’s oil reserves – a figure almost double the peak production of three million barrels per day (bpd) in 1979 and four times the pre-invasion Kuwaiti output in 1990.

Environment Agency launches UK’s largest flood product test centre

A cutting-edge simulator that recreates the devastating effects of a flood has been created to test products designed to defend homes, businesses and people from flooding.

Nepal's firefighters need you

A plea for help from the Firefighters Volunteer Association of Nepal

Curriculum overhaul at the National Fire Academy

Following a thorough review of its Management Science curriculum, the United Stated Fire Administration’s (USFA) National Fire Academy (NFA) has decided to include new course content that addresses the issues currently faced by the nation’s fire and emergency medical services.

2010 NFPA Conference & Expo

NFPA Americas’ Fire and Security Expo will join with the 2010 NFPA Conference & Expo, the largest and most prestigious fire and life safety industry event in the United States.

SigniFire video smoke detection obtains UL Listing

Fike announced today it has received UL Listing on its SigniFire video smoke detection system.  Approved to the new UL 268B standard for video smoke detection, Fike's SigniFire is the only system in the world to have both the UL listing and FM approval.

Pelican sends vital survival and rescue items to provide help in Haiti

Pelican Products, Inc., the corporate headquarters of Peli Products S.L., and a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases, has announced its contribution of $100,000 worth of head lamps and lights to the Haiti relief effort.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service wins top EU road safety award

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has won a top EU award for its excellent road safety work. It was recognised as the best institution among those signing up to the European Road Safety Charter for innovative and successful schemes in the annual Excellence in Road Safety Awards run by the European Commission.

BPA changes plea over Buncefield explosion

The British Pipeline Agency has decided to retract its not guilty plea over the explosion at the Buncefield Oil Depot on December 11 2005.

New interactive search and rescue manikin ‘SmartDummy’ that calls out for help

BullEx Digital Safety has announced the launch of a new interactive search and rescue manikin that can listen for rescuers and even call out for help.

Passive Fire Protection Federation letter on the latest Channel Tunnel crisis

David Sugden, Chairman of the Passive Fire Protection Federation, calls into question the fire safety strategy of the Channel Tunnel

Fundamental revision and changes to COMAH rules become effective in April 2010

In 2008 the COMAH Competent Authority (CA) initiated a fundamental review of its approach to regulating onshore major hazards in the UK – the CA has remodelled its key regulatory processes, and will implement a series of changes in April 2010.

Final demonstration of EU-funded firefighting robots

Robotics experts from Sheffield Hallam University have been working with firefighters from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue to showcase a unique group of firefighting robots.

Crowcon appoints Peter Wilbourne as product manager for HVAC and gas leak location markets

Crowcon Detection Instruments has appointed Peter Wilbourne its new Product Manager for the HVAC and gas leak location markets.

OSHA announces development of a combustible dust standard

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is seeking input from the public on the approach to use in developing its federal standard for combustible dust. In its Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) on Combustible Dust, OSHA identified five National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) combustible dust standards that address the hazards of combustible dust processes. Of the five NFPA dust-specific standards mentioned by OSHA, NFPA 654 provides fundamental safety practices to be followed

A window to survival

Yes, we do need to raise the competency and knowledge of fire resistant glazing in the fire industry, says Peter Barker of Chiltern International.

How does your fire kit work?

Many firefighters think of their fire kit as little more than a piece of industrial clothing. Yes, it has some reflective tape on it and it may even have a radio loop or similar, as well as the word “fire” on the back, but surely it’s little more than a fancy “donkey” jacket? Not so! Kevan Whitehead goes back to basics and debunks a few myths whilst he’s at it.

Can you hear me?

Walk through the centre of an industrial plant or any city and the chorus of sirens that greets you can be as diverse as the calls of a bird-filled rainforest. The sounders and sirens market is a widereaching one, and in 2010 it looks set to broaden further with the help of new technologies and initiatives, writes Jon Severs.

Coping in the post-Soviet

John Frame is an independent fire, explosion and emergency response consultant. His long career has involved assignments in every continent, every climate and culture – and for the vast majority of the world’s oil and gas companies. He found that working with the Russian fire authorities was to be one of his most challenging projects. Here he gives a very personal view of the conditions and difficulties faced by Russian responders who operate outside of the main cities. His observations were over a five-year period in the north, centre and south of the country, including two years when he was the de-facto fire protection consultant for an international consortium operating a gas stabilisation facility in eastern Siberia.

Elite force for shipboard

During his time responding to major incidents all over the world, marine firefighting world expert Gert-Jan Langerak has gained some strong views on how shipboard response safety standards could be improved, writes Ann-Marie Knegt.

Managing a crisis at sea

Although the shipping industry has the experience and know-how to handle potential incidents, new events continue to highlight weaknesses or issues that were not previously addressed. What is vital is that each incident be contained as far as possible to prevent a crisis developing. Kingfell’s Paul Bryant, a fire, risk and crisis management specialist, introduces its new iCap methodology for crisis planning.

A future for AFFF foam?

Foam experts Tom Cortina, Jan Knappert, Matt Boyle, Steve Smith and Chang JHo express their views on the future of AFFF foam.

"Red Adair" – a blast from the past

To celebrate Industrial Fire Journal's 20th anniversary we will be re-publishing throughout 2010 some of the best articles from the last 20 years. Here, from issue number 1 (1990) of Industrial Fire Journal, is an interview with Red Adair, described by one US president as "the man who has probably saved more oil than any single individual in the world".

HSL makes explosive new appointment

The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) has appointed Peter Shelley as director of the Explosives Notified Body. The Explosives Notified Body (ENB) is the UK’s independent authority providing assessment and CE-mark certification of explosives for non-military use.

Bristol’s business in Australia takes off with PAC Fire

Less than 12 months after appointing PAC Fire as their principal distributor in Australia, Bristol and Pac Fire have successfully tendered for the supply of “front line fire PPE” in a contract to provide 1400 sets of Structural protective clothing to Airservices Australia.

HSE publishes report on safety and environmental standards for fuel storage sites

The HSE has published the report Safety and Environmental Standards for Fuel Storage Sites, compiled by the Process Safety Leadership Group (PSLG). The main purpose of the report is to specify the minimum standards of control which should be in place at all establishments storing large volumes of gasoline.

Request for information: creating an e-learning community

The IAFC is requesting that interested organizations provide information that will help the IAFC as it develops an RFP to create an electronic learning community. This new community will be targeted specifically at volunteer and combination fire and EMS departments across the nation and more generally to the fire and EMS community as a whole.

FAST-mask – A new positive pressure breathing apparatus for HAZMAT applications

Excelerate Technology, the leading supplier of satellite and wireless-based data, voice and video solutions to the emergency services, has announced the immediate availability of FAST-mask, a new positive pressure breathing apparatus.

Ferrara wins contract for FDNY aerials

Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc., America’s premier custom fire apparatus manufacturer, has been awarded a three-year contract by the City of New York to manufacture FDNY’s new 100’ rear mount aerials. With the initial purchase orders, which stem from a competitive bid this past summer, Ferrara will provide ten aerial apparatus.

Deputy Chief Officer of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service announces retirement

After 42 years of distinguished service, Deputy Chief Officer Alan House has announced he intends to retire from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service in April 2010.

Fire film could save drinkers' bacon

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) has launched a short film to highlight the dangers of drinking and cooking.

Request for a new project

At their October, 2009 Standard Council meeting, the Council reviewed a request for a new project on fire service training in thermal Imaging and voted to publish the request for public review and comment.

Prime Minister announces radical plan to protect frontline services by streamlining government

The prime minister today published a radical programme to put the frontline first by streamlining government.

John McGrath 1954 – 2009

It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden death of John McGrath, PPE & Stores Manager, Northern Ireland FRS, who died on Wednesday 11th November 2009.

Controversy raps for recruitment

London’s only rapping firefighter is using his music as a channel to encourage ethnic minorities to join the fire service.

GSF takes Slam lock to market

GSF, one of the largest suppliers of sliding systems in the UK, has announced its latest development: the Draw-front, Push-button Slam-lock (DPS). As part of its drive to constantly evolve and develop its ranges in line with the requirements of the Fire, Defence, Police and Ambulance industries, the DPS is the most recent addition to the GSF Vehicle Component Range.

Advanced mobile printing for fire safety inspections

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) has implemented a new mobile print facility which allows Fire Safety letters and documentation to be printed and delivered at the point of inspection. 

Bristol on a high in the Low Countries

Holland’s Groningen province has recently become the third in the country to sign a contract for the supply of Bristol‘s firefighter PPE under the European Tendering Process, adding substantially to the company’s coverage of the Netherlands’ municipal fire services for the supply of protective fire clothing and its penetration of the PPE market in the European Union.

Munich fire brigade orders 58 new vehicles with fully automatic Allison transmissions

Allison Transmission, the premier global provider of commercial duty automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems, is to supply 58 3000R Series transmissions to the Munich fire brigade as part of an order for new Mercedes-Benz Atego fire-fighting vehicles.

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service has come to the assistance of flood-hit Cumbria overnight

Following heavy flooding, the leader of Gloucestershire County Council, Cllr Barry Dare, has offered the use of the county’s two hovercrafts to the Chief Fire Officer of Cumbria, Dominic Harrison. A formal request for assistance was channelled through the National Co-Ordinating Centre (West Yorkshire) late last night, which culminated in Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service mobilising at 5am.

Defence & Offshore signs contract with BP for Blast Resistant Office Building

Hertel Defence & Offshore has announced that it has signed a contract with BP for the manufacturing and installation of a Blast Resistant Office Building for their Rotterdam refinery.

Rare fire engine saved from scrap heap

A unique fire engine specially made to tackle radioactive metal fires at Dounreay has been saved from the scrap heap, thanks to a group of local vehicle enthusiasts.

Advanced mobile printing for fire safety inspections

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) has implemented a new mobile print facility which allows Fire Safety letters and documentation to be printed and delivered at the point of inspection. 

Akron Brass appoints new personnel

Akron Brass Company has announced a number of personnel changes.

Fike acquires Rafiki Protection Ltd

Fike, a leader in commercial and industrial safety solutions, announced today that it has acquired Rafiki Protection Ltd., a UK-based manufacturer of fire alarm systems. The acquisition also includes Santana Solutions Ltd., a building security systems integration company. Both companies were previously owned by Red Dot Technologies Ltd.