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Industrial Fire Journal, Spring 2016 issue

The market-leading international publication covering response and fire protection for high-risk industry is available to read online. Or you can download it here.

We are now looking for contributions to Quarter 2, deadline: 13 May.

 Specialist Focus

 • Industrial protection: managing fire safety in distribution/storage facilities and recycling/waste centres.

 • Data centres and server rooms: fire protection options for minimum business interruption, including gaseous technology and water mist systems.

 • Emergency evacuation: voice and visual alerting systems, sirens, sounders and other mass-alerting technology.

 Technical Reports

 • Hoses, couplings and hose retrieval systems: ease of handling, durability and resistance to chemicals are just some of the common requirements – but what is on offer?

 • Fire trucks and emergency response vehicles.


 • Fixed detection systems: flame, smoke and heat detection.

 • Fixed suppression systems: clean agents, water mist and sprinklers.

 • Training & exercising: update on the latest courses, live exercises, training centres and training/exercising technology.

 • Foams, powders & gels: how aqueous film-forming foams are in the regulatory spotlight, plus we look at foam proportioning equipment for high-risk facilities.


 • ARFF: Airport Fire Officers Association annual conference – report (part 2).


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