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Sneak preview of F&R Q1: The true picture of thermal imaging cameras

Can you tell the difference between a basic thermal imaging camera and a ‘high performance’ firefighting thermal imaging camera? Ann-Marie Knegt speaks with David Little, CEO of ISG Infrasys.

What happened during the September Colorado floods – report of a multi-agency disaster response operation

EXCLUSIVE - Tim Dorsey, Deputy Chief at West County EMS and Fire Protection District reports on a storm system that started to impact north central and central Colorado on September 9-10, 2013.

West Midlands Fire Service trial a cinemizer controlled quadcopter for search and rescue

In a recent fire service exercise, Operation Carnage, West Midlands Fire Service evaluated a new way of flying their quadcopter using the ZEISS cinemizer OLED head-mounted display in order to get a real birds-eye view of the proceedings. 

NZFS Announces Christchurch Fire Station Redevelopment Plans

The New Zealand Fire Service is to build seven new fire stations in Christchurch to meet the known and emerging needs of the city and its communities.

Great Barrier Reef
Foam: the cost – and still counting!

All fire fighting foams have to some degree or other an unacceptable impact on the environment when released in an uncontrolled or regulated manner. Roger A. Klein looks at the disposal, remediation and lifetime costs of fire fighting foam.

2013 - a busy year at Heathrow Airport

New PPE, new Panthers and new foam – not to mention two aircraft incidents – means 2013 has been particularly busy for Heathrow’s Airport Fire and Rescue Service (AFRS), writes Graeme Day, Fire Service Compliance Manager, Technical Standards and Assurance.

Panther crash tenders - now designed to fit Volvo Euro V engines

They are already in operation in Bremen (DE), Linz (AT) and Lyon (FR) and the next versions are to be stationed at airports in Riga (LV) as well as Auckland (NZ), Cologne-Bonn and Dortmund (DE). The trucks in question are Panther crash tenders, which have a Volvo engine installed for the first time.

Ultra-high pressure technology with piercing precision

A delivery to Mojave Air and Space Port as well as a new product that delivers increased fire extinguishing capabilities – Ann-Marie knegt catches up with PyroLance president Bill Ballantyne.

Palermo Fire Department named ‘International firefighting team of the year 2013’

Firefighting teams from many countries have been competing for the title of International Firefighting Team of the Year’ in recent months. The winners were announced during an awards ceremony in Ulm, Germany, on Friday evening, November 22nd. Palermo Fire Department (Italy) was presented as the winner and was able to take the prestigious award home. The runner-up was Botosani Fire Department (Romania), while Mooskirchen Fire Department (Austria) celebrated third place.

Rescue of Personnel from Height on Tower Cranes - guidance from the UK’s Construction Plant-hire Association

Revised guidance covers the rescue of authorised persons on site: primary duty for ensuring rescue resources are available rests with the organisation controlling the site of the tower crane.

Less heat, no stress

At FRI International (Chicago) Fire and Rescue met up with Todd Herring, VP Fire Service Sales for Tecgen Xtreme apparel.Tecgen Xtreme apparel supplies a lightweight breathable single layer garment that offers high flame and radiant heat protection. Ann-Marie Knegt decided to find out why more and more fire departments were adding it to their ‘tool’ inventory.

Fire and Rescue Q4 has been published!

Our market-leading international publication covering emergency response is available to read online.

Lead instructor Jim Grove, and Editor of Fire and Rescue Ann-Marie Knegt.
Preview of Fire & Rescue Q4: Pioneers at West Midlands Fire Service Academy

West Midlands Fire Academy is leading in the study of the effects of wind-driven fires. Ann-Marie Knegt visited the facility and donned fire kit to experience the behaviour of compartment fires.

New guidance for fire departments published by UK Government

One guidance document deals with fighting fires at venues where large numbers of the public attend for the purposes of entertainment and the other with fighting fires in places of lawful detention.

Preview of Fire and Rescue Q4: Mayhem on rails

Sinisa Jembrih, Zagreb Fire Department (Croatia) together with Boštjan Triler and Primož Štraus from Zavod vizija varnosti report on an impressive international railway exercise that took place in Slovenia.

Road-rail vehicles protect Belgian railway tunnel

The Zaventem and Vilvoorde fire services in Belgium are operating on unusual terrain with their new rescue pumpers with all-wheel drive and track traveling device.

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service invests in Scott thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal imaging camera technology has dramatically progressed since the first prototypes in 1992. What were initially expensive, bulky, weighty and temperamental pieces of equipment have evolved into essential tools that are small, lightweight and affordable.

FEMA Releases the NIMS Intelligence / Investigations Function Guidance and Field Operations Guide

Guidance for using and integrating Intelligence / Investigations Function while adhering to the concepts and principles of the National Incident Management System doctrine.

Rosenbauer presents first Euro VI firefighting appliance

Following the initial presentation of Euro VI models by truck manufacturers at the IAA in Frankfurt, Rosenbauer has now introduce its first low-emission fire appliance  with the latest exhaust emissions technology, the AT-design rescue pumper on an MAN TGM all-wheel chassis.

B-Fire 450
Lights, camera, action!

Rovereto and Schio Fire Departments (Italy) provide the actors for aerial platform video demonstration.

All new Oise Fire and Rescue aerial platform vehicle debuts at French Firefighters Congress

Oise Fire and Rescue department unveils 32-metre aerial platform truck equipped with an Allison automatic transmission at the 120th French Firefighters Congress in Chambéry, Rhône-Alpes.

Frankfurt am Main firefighters bring new structural pumper fleet from Rosenbauer into active service

Mid-October saw the festive handover by Rosenbauer of several new HLFs (structural pumpers) to the Frankfurt am Main Professional Fire Service. The trucks are part of a comprehensive replacement program, involving the acquisition of 19 vehicles, during which the entire HLF fleet will be switched to Rosenbauer ATs by the end of the year.

London Assembly to investigate amphibious vehicle fire

The London Assembly is launching an investigation into the response to a fire on board an amphibious vehicle cruising the river Thames on 29 September.

Foam manufacturer Solberg introduces environmental warranty

Warranty stipulates Re-Healing foam will not be restricted due to the presence of organohalogens and will not be banned by regulators or government entities for a range of environmental issues.

Peachland Fire Department acquires WASP (Wildfire Automated Suppression and Protection) Trailer

Peachland Fire and Rescue Service, located in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, acquired a new state of the art piece of equipment that could help protect the community from structural damage in the event of a future wildfire.

Fire and rescue services in New South Wales switch to environmentally-responsible class A and B foam

Solberg's Asia-Pacific division has been awarded a multi-year contract by the New South Wales (Australia) Government for the supply of firefighting foam.

Vertical ventilation course
Vertical ventilation and suppression tactics in single family homes - online training

New course by UL’s Firefighter Safety Research Institute is the culmination of work carried out under the 2010 Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighter Grant Program.

Kitten getting oxygen
Video: firefighter rescues a kitten and brings it back to life

Watch the amazing video of a firefighter from Fresno Fire Department (USA) who strapped a Go-Pro camera to his helmet during a house fire. He found a little kitten unconscious in the basement while searching the house. Great footage, and the cat is now suitably named Lucky.

Port Arthur
Williams Fire & Hazard Control to open new 70,000-square-foot facility in Port Arthur, Texas.

Facility to include industrial response training centre and incident response team as well as custom-made response equipment.

USFA annual report on firefighter fatalities in the United States

81 firefighters died while on duty in 2012 - two fewer than in 2011: heart attacks still the leading cause of death.

32 Argentinean fire trucks equipped with thermal imaging cameras

Cameras from Orlaco will enable forest wildland fire fighting trucks to scan the terrain and avoid obstacles.

Roaring Panthers at the Blue Danube

Following a purchase in 2011 Blue Danube Airport Linz has again opted for Rosenbauer with a second Panther 6x6 crash tender.

Gas tanker wagon explosion in Bulgaria injures 11

The most likely cause of the explosion was a gas leak from a ruptured hose which ignited as gas was being transferred to a lorry – SEE EXPLOSION VIDEO

Safe confined space entry and work

NFPA 350 draft is now open for your input.

Time to review your mass casualty decon strategy

US Army research centre offers free online source for first responders that includes tactics, techniques and procedures on mass casualty decon.

Rescue 3 Europe appoints new training provider

Red One Ltd, part of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service in the southwest of England, will work with commercial customers and rescue/emergency agencies to offer a wide variety of skills and competencies.

Free reference card compares NFPA 704 ‘diamond’ and OSHA GHS labels

They may look similar but the numerical rating of severity of hazards are different in each system - opposite in fact.

Keeping it cool under heat stress – key recommendations for the prevention and treatment of heat related illness

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria, Australia, conducted extensive body monitoring trials, using the latest technology in order to assess the physical and mental effects of heat stress on firefighters in action. Based on the results the CFA was able to make several essential key considerations for the treatment and prevention of this life threathening condition, writes Peter Langridge, health and wellbeing officer for the CFA.

Incendio de superficie en tanques de almacenamiento

Enrique Suárez Díaz, bombero del Ayuntamiento de Ferrol e Instructor de Bomberos, expone un sistema de organización para la puesta en funcionamiento de medios de gran caudal (article in Spanish).

Ready for emergencies in the high seas?

Exclusive interview with  The Central Command for Maritime Emergencies - including what happened during the most serious maritime disaster in German waters since World War II.

Inside view – when the Danube flooded

By John Maczko PhD, Director of OPS Armadillo Hovercraft Rescue & Response Support Unit, Hungary.

ICAO announces new ARFF foam testing and foam certification criteria

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) confirms the changes to the International Standards and Recommended Practices, Aerodrome Design and Operations (Annex 14, Volume 1 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation) which take effect from 15 July 2013.

Russia continues the reform of its fire service with an investment of 6.8 billion dollars

The Russian fire service is on the verge of big changes due to the recent adoption of new federal state program Fire Safety in Russia until 2017, which is being driven by the Russian Government.

Oil, wind and fire

A new $1.5m offshore emergency response training facility in Newcastle International Airport (UK) is now busy with its first intake of students – Hemming Fire finds out why Offshore Training Newcastle is already promising to be a success both nationally and internationally.

Harmonising fire protection requirements for all helicopter operations

Do you have a view? The UK Civil Aviation Authority wants to hear from you.

Education key to passive fire protection improvements says ASFP

The vital role of passive fire protection in protecting both building occupants and firefighters is highlighted at the Association for Specialist Fire Protection’s AGM, held at the Cabinet War Rooms in London in June.

Tait Communications donates critical comms to West Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services.

The equipment will replace the radios lost in the disaster and support ongoing relief efforts in the West community following the devastating fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

UL introduces Firefighter Safety Research Institute

A team of experts with access to UL’s leading infrastructure, equipment and vast knowledge will collaborate with fire departments and agencies around the world.

The no frills crash tender that doesn’t compromise on safety

Steve Banner visited the Plastisol factory in The Netherlands, where he saw the newly launched Kronenburg MAC CT012 crash tender, which offers a no frills firefighting proposition, especially popular with emerging markets.

Why the right ARFF training matters

In the last F&R issues relating to non-technical skills were highlighted. In the second installment of the ARFF training series Zoltán Szilvási focusses on core technical elements.