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FiReControl slammed and £84.8m further investment needed

UK command and control project branded a complete failure as wasted tax payers’ money reaches nearly half a billion pounds.

City of Broken Arrow acquires new incident command simulator for its fire service

E-Semble has won a public bid to provide an Incident Command Simulator to the City of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (USA). This makes the City of Broken Arrow the first official Fire Service user in the USA.

Bristol launches ‘mix and match’ approach to structural firefighting gear

XFlex is an innovative systems approach that uses different fabrics to achieve the same EN standard.

Dick Green from Wild Well Control to talk about the new global subsea well containment system

Tomorrow at the Offshore Europe 2011 Media Centre, Managing Director of the company’s newest European arm, will showcase the company’s dedicated emergency well response system designed to contain major subsea blowouts.

Firefighting clothing manufacturer Lion Apparel Germany to unveil new developments at A+A Dusseldorf 2011

Key attraction at the Lion stand is the new generation of patented high-tech structural VForce firefighting suits.

Gas detector safety alert

The UK Health and Safety Executive issues safety notice regarding the Status Scientific Controls portable gas detector Mentor PGD2.

New LED emergency floodlights for hazardous areas

The new HDL106E LED emergency floodlights will be launched at the prestigious Offshore Europe exhibition in Aberdeen by Hadar Lighting, part  of the A-Belco Group.

Aircraft recovery today – new developments and recommendations from the recovery specialist at Fraport AG

Hans Hofer, aircraft recovery coordinator for Fraport AG at Frankfurt airport, is considered a specialist in the field of aircraft recovery. He reports about recovery standards at international airports and his opinion regarding various recovery tools. Helpful advice of airport preparation and the selection and use of recovery equipment will provide valuable support for your operations.

New portable high pressure breathing compressor from Seacomair

The SCA100DY/6 was developed for firefighter trucks in South Africa, and it comes with a 4,5kW 6HP Yanmar Diesel Motor.

High strength cutting tool range from Weber Hydraulic

“Our new range of High Strength cutting tools, really do represent the future of cutting,” says Reiner Antritter from Weber Hydraulic in Austria. “A bold statement, but after taking a closer look into the design and development of this revolutionary concept you can clearly see that we have something truly worthwhile to offer.”

New confined space entry gas detector at Offshore Europe show

Crowcon will be showing its new Gas-Pro confined space entry gas detector at the Offshore Europe show in Aberdeen between 6-8 September. 

‘Dry’ water mist system unveiled by Jewel Fire Systems

A new total ‘flooding’ fire suppression system has been developed to provide fire protection for a wide range of high risk industrial environments, using a water-based technology which ensures little or no collateral damage.

Ansul to reveal ‘groundbreaking’ vehicle extinguishing system

The Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (AFES) will be unveiled at a major defence exhibition.

LED emergency floodlight for hazardous and marine environments

A new floodlight combining maintenance free LED technology and a self contained backup battery has been introduced by hazardous area lighting specialist Chalmit.

Rosenbauer Panther tests Sthamer Moussol -FF36

This Rosenbauer Panther, with a R600 pump and a RM 15 bumper turret with a capacity of 1500 lpm, is testing Dr Sthamer-Hamburg's MOUSSOL–FFAlcohol-resistant Fluorine-free Foam under freezing temperatures of -5 Celsius. The aircrash tender is now operational at Gatwick Airport. Watch the video!

Revolutionary new patient movement system developed by LA Fire Captain

Los Angeles-based EMSLED Tactical Inc. has announced the arrival of the Chameleon, a Mission Adaptable Rescue System (MARS). Winner of the 2010 EMS World “Innovation of the Year” it is designed as a modular, configurable, patient movement system.

Responding to car accidents -battery-powered rescue tools launched by Lukas

The eDRAULIC battery-powered rescue tool series from LUKAS is the first complete mobile rescue set on the market, including cutter, spreader, combination tool and rescue ram. The choice between unlimited operation with power supply cable and battery operation allows high flexibility at the accident.

Smoke, heat and exhaust ventilation system for commercial premises

Naturvent wins ‘highly commended’ at the Product Excellence Awards for the Homebuilding and Renovation Show in the UK.

Aviation fuel standard now specifies bioderived components

Up to 50% derived synthetic blending can now be added to jet fuel.


Holmatro launches the Rescue Support Bag

Rescue assist tools such as seatbelt cutters and hook and fork tools are often overlooked or  misplaced at the rescue scene. To solve this problem Holmatro has designed a Rescue Support Bag containing the most frequently used assist tools during vehicle extrication.

Nairobi Fire Department receives new Metz Aerial Ladder vehicle

Following an order from the Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development, Metz Aerials has delivered an L56 aerial ladder to the Nairobi City Council Fire Department in Kenya. Together with several Rosenbauer pumper trucks, this customized piece of equipment forms an integral part of the “Nairobi Growth and Development Strategy” that has been drawn up for the booming Kenyan capital. The aerial has an integrated elevator for three persons, which facilitates an extremely short rescue cycle during emergency operations.

A deep breath

Carrying out a rescue in the most dangerous confined space entry in the world presents one set of problems – but two sets of safety rules makes it even more complicated, writes Neil T Lipski of the National Tunnel Institute.

New wildland-urban interface vehicle launched by Pierce

Pierce Manufacturing has launched new Type 1 wildland-urban interface firefighting vehicle that incorporates the patented Pierce Ultimate Configuration (PUC) technology.  The new apparatus offers enhanced emergency response performance for wildland and urban interface firefighting in regions of the country such as the West Coast, for example, where areas of housing are adjacent to undeveloped wildland vegetation.

Airwave launches ‘the future of mobilisation and control room solutions’

In response to the cancellation of the FiReControl service in December 2010, Airwave, the leading provider of critical voice and data communications to public service organisations in the UK, has launched ControLink – a suite of voice and data propositions.

New system to provide portable private network during failure of critical infrastructure

UK-research company Roke Manor Research has launched ‘Tactical Connect, a portable wireless broadband base station that creates a private network for the emergency services if the national telecommunications infrastructure fails during a major incident.

Firecom announces new programme to extend wireless capability for headset users

Firecom, a Canadian manufacturer of rugged and reliable team communication systems, has announced an upgrade program that extends wireless capability and benefits to thousands of its existing wired-headset users. Hands-free wireless communication headsets  improve safety, efficiency and productivity for users working in challenging environments, including emergency response, fire and public safety.

It’s a gas

There are many benefits to installing a gaseous extinguishing system on a floating roof storage tank, yet it still feels like the industry's best-kept secret. Jose Sanchez de Muniain reports from StocExpo in Rotterdam.


3M expands capacity for 3M Novec products

Facility in Cordova (Illinois) to be expanded to meet market demand for the sustainable technology.

Situation management solution for public safety

NICE Situator can help public safety operations enhance emergency preparedness, improve situational awareness and streamline incident response.

New sounder range continues Banshee heritage

The Banshee Excel makes its debut in Vimpex's 21-year-old family of sounders, strobes, sounder strobes and accessories.

Fire Fighting Enterprises wins at the Fire Excellence Awards 2011

The Hitchin-based (UK) optical beam smoke detection company wins the International Achievement category of the Fire Excellence Awards 2011. 

Berlin Fire to receive CeoTronics communications systems worth € 1 million

The order is the optional part of a tender won by CeoTronics in September 2009 to supply digital radio systems to Berlin. 

Meet the Dustfighter

Dehaco, the Dutch demolition rental specialists, were recently presented with a challenging enquiry from a contractor working at an industrial complex recently devastated by a fire.

A tent that turns into concrete - the next-generation tool for relief efforts

Source: The BBC

Packexe SMASH, not just for extrication

The glass management product for patient and rescuer protection in extrication, Packexe SMASH is now also being used for entry into a high-rise glass building by a fire brigade within the UK.

Fire in the deep

Inertisation techniques used to extinguish fires in deep mines are blowing into road/rail tunnels, writes Ann-Marie Knegt. Researchers estimate that deep-mine coal fires contribute a staggering 2-3% to global CO2 emissions, and this includes 40 tonnes of Mercury released into the atmosphere per year(1).


There are some products in the market that claim to be both environmentally friendly and effective against class A and B fires. But how many products are there in the market that can do this, and also clean up after hydrocarbon spills, or even stimulate their natural biodegradation process in soil and groundwater? Jose Sanchez de Muniain talks to Ioannis Athanasiou, Technical Director of the Viennese company Bioversal International.

Specifying portable power generators

Mark Taylor, Divisional Manager, Atlas Copco Generators explains that when it comes to specifying portable power generators, the choice of models will undoubtedly favour those providing more power from smaller units, offering quieter operation and creating lower exhaust emissions. But these aspirations are not just customer-led; they are legislative requirements of the market regulations both in the EU and the US.  So, two of the first questions which potential end users should ask relate to the noise and the emissions of the unit relative to the application.

Going digital

The USA is in the midst of implementing a new suite of standards for digital radio communications used by public safety agencies with the aim of enabling twoway radio interoperability between agencies. However, managing the analogue legacy environment and managing the transition to digital technologies represents a challenge to all US fire departments. Jose Sanchez de Muniain talks to comms specialist Mark Thomas of Team Simoco about a potential route for the many small fire departments that currently use one UHF radio frequency to cover challenging locations, such as Sedona Fire District in Arizona, but wish to take advantage of digital technology.

Fabrics and fibres - the core of performance

The fibres and fabrics that make up firefighters’ clothing are the key to the garment’s crucial protective characteristics. Jose Sanchez de Muniain talks to two weavers and one fibre manufacturer and finds out why choosing the right fabrics and fibres is not as straightforward as it may seem – and it’s likely to remain a challenging process in the future.

Classic 1961 fire pumper for sale in Ontario, Canada

The Biscotasing Community Citizens' (Northern  Ontario) are selling a 1961 Pumper Fire Truck - which is in working condition;low mileage; new tires; and accessories included (hose, coat and hats...)  

FIVE Focus

RoadwayRescue LLC & Education Chair David Dalrymple (TERC-US) writes on firefighting science (ie firematic) concerns regarding hybrid and electric vehicles.

Aerosol knockdown spreads

Most of the first responders within fire services in North America carry DSPA-5 units (dry sprinkler powder aerosol units) and in Europe services in Holland, Switzerland, Austria and now Germany have realised the benefits and savings that the DSPA-5 offers: it is now making an impact in the UK.

Detecting and suppressing vehicle fires

Passenger-carrying vehicle fires can put lives at risk, cost the vehicle owner a great deal of money, and jeopardise the company’s ability to continue to provide the service to which it may be contractually committed.  Nick Grant of Firetrace International – a Gold Sponsor of the FIVE conference, held in Gothenburg, Sweden from the 29th until the 30th of September – examines the contribution that targeted, risk-specific fire detection and suppression can play in improving vehicle fire safety.

Slick solution for oil spills

With at least 250,000 gallons of “anti-freeze-like” synthetic dispersants having been pumped into the Gulf of Mexico to mitigate the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, and serious concerns raised about the effect of this type of technology on the marine food chain, has the time come to look at alternatives? Jose Maria Sanchez de Muniain speaks with a company that has a multi-purpose, eco-friendly “bio-agent” with bioremediative capacities that turns the slick into marine food.

A world's first in PPE

In today’s climate, it is entirely possible that a firefighter can come into contact with CBRN materials at any time – and if so, there is a valid argument that a firefighter’s turn-out gear should include a level of CBRN protection. In the event of an incident, this type of combined garment would allow him to vacate the area safely, rescuing injured personnel while escaping. Jose Maria Sanchez de Muniain talks with Karen Lehtonen, Director (Products), Lion Apparel, about a new piece of kit that is said to be the world’s first fully certified structural firefighter CBRN ensemble.

LED to safety

What does the world’s largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, have in common with Madrid Metro and Amsterdam Metro? The answer is a low-level lighting system that is currently taking the evacuation world by storm. Welcome the dynamic guidance MILS system from Finnish company MariMils, which is making its way into both indoor/outdoor environments in offshore platforms, refineries, and road tunnels amongst others: Jose Sanchez de Muniain finds out more.

Recyle it!

The Gulf spill has put the spotlight on pollution control like never before – or at least since the Exxon Valdez spilt nearly 11 million litres of crude. One of the side effects of the massive effort to neutralise the disaster has been the adoption of innovative clean-up methods and products, writes Jose Maria Sanchez de Muniain.

Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District (GRLFPD) accelerates emergency response times accelerated with PC tune-up technology

iolo technologies has announced a critical implementation of System Mechanic Business in Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District (GRLFPD), which provides emergency response across six municipalities and parts of Lake County, Illinois.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics will launch the ONESuit Pro line of gas-tight chemical suits in Europe at Interschutz in Leipzig, Germany

The ONESuit Pro line includes chemical protective hazmat equipment for fire, chemical, military and industrial organizations.