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Tactilon Agnet from Airbus
Share the full picture over Tetra and LTE - on a tablet

The latest version of Tactilon Agnet not only allows police officers and firefighters to communicate with each other securely by LTE, Tetra and/or Tetrapol, it now also offers constant geolocalisation, navigation, group positioning and user presence as well as status displays on the map for commanding officers.

Leader Group and Tempest merge

The Leader Group and Tempest Technology have announced a merger of companies.

CSB releases final report into 2015 explosion at Exxonmobil refinery in Torrance, California

The US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has released its final report on the 18 February 2015 explosion at the Exxonmobil refinery in Torrance, California.

New ‘fit-and-forget’ portable gas monitor from Honeywell

A portable four-gas monitor that can operate continuously for two years without changing sensors or charging batteries has just been launched by Honeywell.

Live streaming 360° footage for search and rescue

A live streaming 360° technical rescue search camera will be launched at the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, 24-29 April.

Project Hero - new drone assisted Land Rover for emergency services

Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) has designed and engineered a bespoke version of the new Land Rover Discovery for use by the Austrian Red Cross. ‘Project Hero’ was presented to the world’s media for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show.

Detector manufacturer issues safety alert

Fire alarm from wireless smoke and smoke/thermal detectors may fail to be communicated.

Drone demo for sea rescue

In a world first a distress alert initiated from a smartphone at sea will autonomously launch a drone from the Irish coastline to search for and locate the casualty. 

Scientists develop fire-extinguishing system for lithium-ion batteries

The in-built smart technology activates when batteries enter a state of thermal runaway.

Distress signal units for the fire ground

Unlike most personal alert safety systems, the new NFPA-complian PASS from Grace Industries does not require an SCBA for its operation – the device can simply be transferred from one piece of protective clothing to another.

Anti-snag device for BA equipment rolled out to Royal Navy

A pioneering invention of a Hampshire firefighter will soon be helping to save lives on the high seas.

Adjustable dome clamp for hazmat response

A clamp that can be adjusted to suit different types of dome lids has been designed by DQE for hazmat responders.

ARFF with 20m HRET

A new Oshkosh 6x6 Striker with a 20m high-reach extendable turret will be unveiled at the 2016 ARFF Working Group annual conference, Frisco, Texas in September.

Hazmat ID resolved

A new handheld tool can ‘see’ through containers to identify hazmat materials.

Panther simulator in a box

New tactical ARFF simulator is designed for ease of transportation.

A big fan in Texas

Austin (TX) Fire Department receives its first large-scale mobile ventilation unit.

Simplifying voice alarm systems

Bosch introduces innovative rack-build service for EN 54-16-compliant voice-alarm systems.

Circuit problem with flame detectors

Honeywell Analytics is in the process of recalling a number of flame detectors following performance concerns.

Check yours out

Grave defects have been found in the BA equipment of Spain’s CBRN specialists – but how deep does the problem go? George Potter reports from Madrid, Spain.

Portable decontamination for everyone

A portable hazmat and decontamination delivery system from Scott Safety is poised to revolutionise the CBRN response world, reports Jose Sanchez de Muniain.

Class actuation

Does your clean agent fire extinguishing system still meet NFPA 2001? Derek Dahlgren of TLX speaks with Jose Sanchez de Muniain about new requirements that became effective 1 January 2016.

Attack on false alarms

A new range of optical smoke, heat and multi detectors has been launched to great fanfare – so what is all the fuss about? Jose Sanchez de Muniain takes a close look at the Soteria collection.

Will a fluorine-free foam be found capable of meeting the US Milspec?

In the last quarter of 2015 the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program of the US DoD issued a Statement of Need (SON) for the development of fluorine-free foams in place of AFFF for fire-suppression operations.

Self-compacting high-performance concrete now fire resistant as well

Scientists from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) develop a method for manufacturing fire resistant self-compacting high-performance concrete.

New Tyco butterfly valve offers better maintenance options

Tyco Fire Protection Products, a fire suppression technologies provider, has introduced the BFV-300 Butterfly Valve. The BFV-300 is now a lighter, more compact design that enables more efficient installation, easier operation and better long-term performance.

Detection is a ‘fine art’

CASE STUDY: Over 5km of fire resistant cable has been installed in Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland as part of a significant upgrade to fire protection systems in two of the Lauriston Campus buildings.

Blue light services can save cost by switching tyres

CASE STUDY: Fleet managers from blue light operations across the UK have put the first summer tyres with winter capabilities through their paces during a day of intensive tyre testing.

Waving goodbye to TETRA

First contract for the new Emergency Services Network awarded in the UK.

What makes a good ATEX radio?

Mark La Pensee, Head of TETRA Subscribers Product Management, Motorola Solutions, describes the challenge of designing communications for ATEX environments.

Extended breathing duration for BA

SEE VIDEO New 379-bar cylinder introduced by Scott Safety

Time to ditch the compromise?

WL Gore launches a membrane solution that it believes does away with the compromise between thermal protection and comfort.

US ARFF vehicle manufacturer unveils municipal offering for international market

The Oshkosh XP fire truck was unveiled at Interschutz ahead of a demo tour across the Middle East.

A paradigm shift in firefighting and maintenance

NEWS FROM FDIC: Pierce unveils two ‘game changing’ products during the Fire Department Instructors Conference currently taking place in Indianapolis, USA.

Use your phone to check that your emergency lights are working!

Lux Intelligent is a new emergency lighting testing system with cloud monitoring and mobile management.

Beautifully proportioned

A foam proportioner that is simple to use and requires no power for its operation? Jose Sanchez de Muniain finds out about a simple and modern technology that is set to change the market – and it will be on show during Interschutz in Hanover, Germany, in June.

The Swiss army knife of stretchers

Anybody faced with transporting a casualty over rough difficult terrain or remote locations need stretchers that are light and strong as well as easy to carry, deploy and re-stow. Is that too much to ask?

Truck-mounted pump monster

Vehicle manufacturer teams up with pump specialist to create an industrial fire truck that can pump at over 7,500 GPM. A new record?

Engineering students make history with firefighting humanoid robot

In Mobile Bay, Alabama, Virginia Tech engineering students made history during a five-minute demo that placed an adult-sized humanoid robot with a hose in front of a live fire aboard a US Navy ship. SEE THE VIDEO.

The IWMA – discover the power of water mist

Invented over 100 years ago, water mist technology is making a name for itself as a powerful alternative fire fighting technology. Today, the International Water Mist Association is helping spread the word through a number of informative events worldwide. 

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue incorporates Cobra into all front line operations

Brigade is the first to embed cutting extinguishing technology into all operational stations.

Introducing a universal fixed gas detector from Scott Safety

The Meridian Detector accepts all sensor types and automatically determines the type of gas to be detected.

Hazardous Area Ex CU TR approval

APPROVALS NEWS: The new hazardous area ex approval CU TR has been issued to Spectrex detectors.

WS Darley releases new response vehicle for disaster relief

TECHNOLOGY: The new specialised vehicle was unveiled at the AIDF Disaster Relief Summit in Washington DC.

Video: MSA's G1 Breathing apparatus moves key step closer to NFPA certification

Global safety equipment manufacturer MSA Safety has announced that its next-generation G1 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) has been approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as meeting the requirements of 42 CFR, Part 84, the U.S. standard covering the performance of respiratory protective equipment. NIOSH approval represents a key step forward in the process for third-party certification to the 2013 Edition of the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) 1981 and 1982 performance standards for SCBA.  

A multipurpose fire fighting jacket

Rosenbauer’s Fire Max 3 fire fighting suit – now available with integrated rescue system.

Motion-capture technology for USAR: only a matter of time

Dr Ian Greatbatch and Dr Andrea Kleinsmith argue the case for integrated technology in fire and rescue to sense responders’ vital functions and location.

Detecting toxic gases

Spectrex introduces new fixed solutions for Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia.

City Technology stresses importance of gas sensing in ensuring worker safety at COS+H in China

Wilson Tan, Regional Business Leader of Honeywell Industrial Safety Sensors APAC, delivered a keynote speech at this year’s China Occupational Safety and Health exhibition (COS+H) to stress the importance of gas sensors in ensuring worker safety.

New Flir thermal imaging camera with night vision released for emergency vehicles

FLIR Systems announced the release of the new PathFindIR II thermal night vision system. Using FLIR’s latest nighttime video analytics algorithms, PathFindIR II provides automated detection and alerts of pedestrians and animals, so drivers can see hazards sooner, react faster, and stay safer on the road at night. PathFindIR II’s thermal night vision lets drivers see pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and other road hazards at night from up to four times farther away than with just the vehicle’s headlights.

Fire appliance management with RFID technology

West Yorkshire FRS now trialling Red Ledge RFID Fire Appliance Asset Management.